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Friday, May 15, 2009

2 mile Thursday

So, 2 miles was on tap for yesterday. For some reason, I always blow off my 2 mile run. Anyway, I decided I needed to work on speed, so I was going to the track. I got home and D said he would go too. We talked about bringing G-dog, but it was 79, so we vetoed it. She was quite disappointed, as she knows what putting my running shoes means, and sat next to her leash trying to be good.

So we left, convinced she would go to the bathroom in the house.

Got to the track via a small shortcut…road closed don’t know why. The HS football team was out practicing, and they had their parent fan club watching and lots of girls. While walking our warm-up lap, D asked me what my run would consist of…I said take it easy on the turns, run fast on the straight parts, and time the straight parts. First and 8th laps excluded.

We got to the start of the run, and the football team was all on the track, crossing it to get water. Maybe my straights wouldn’t work. Ok, so run the first lap, and do the turn. I hit Stop on my watch, and ran fast (for me). Finished the straight, and hit Start. I did this on the other side of the track, and ran into all the students. So on the turn I realized that it wasn’t going to record my time if I just hit Stop, I would have to hit this button twice. So smart…I figured this out early. Most of the run was like this…I didn’t run fast on the straight by the bleachers as it was one kid’s intent to trip me up, and I had to run around lots of little kids.

As an aside…football practice…perhaps if the coaches ran and weren’t 500 pounds, the kids would have more respect. Also in a practice when you score, you should not be practicing your Touchdown Dance. AND people who aren’t on the FB team (e.g. females) shouldn’t be throwing the ball around ON the field. Alas, just like I am the perfect parent, since I have no kids, I am the perfect football coach, since I don’t have a team.

So I finished up my run. Stopped and restarted the watch. When I noticed the other button on the watch…LAP…the button I should have been hitting. Oh well.

Afterward, D and I went to the bar. I was kind of hoping that they had Fat Tire on draft (new to GA), but they only had it in bottles. Not feeling a bottle, I got a pint of Guinness, a 32 oz water, and an arugula salad with flank steak. It was terrific. After that, D and I came home.

Guinness (the dog) had been good. Hooray.

Time: 5:08 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (20:32 min/mile)
Time: 27:24 (run)
Mileage: 2 (13:42 min/mile)
Time: 17:31 (walk)
Mileage: .75 (23:21 min/mile)
Calories: 618
Max HR 185
Avg HR 165
In Zone 7:28

Doo, doo doo lookin out my front door

I too can be a soccer mom!

Princess in the grass


mommie2lea said...

Great run! I also had a two mile Thursday with speedwork. :-)

Love the pictures of your furbabies.

AKA Alice said...

Yay! Guiness was a good doggie and didn't pee in the house. Must be her her parents who have trained her so good :-))

Cheerleaders and parents at practice? WTF is up with that?