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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Knowing my dog...

So all week, my lungs have been wreaking havoc on me. I mean, walking up a flight of stairs is winding me. My throat is sore, my joints hurt...at first I thought my beloved friend, the pig, gave me his flu, except that I don't know anyone who has been to Mexico.

I knew it was just allergies, but my lungs hurt. Wah wah wah. Friday, I came home from work, had dinner and went to bed around 8. Saturday, I woke up at 9. Had some soda and some pasta, and took a nap. Watched the Kentucky Derby... D was at work.

So I'm feeling less than stellar so I gave Porter a bath.
Mom, I really don't like you any more.
Guinness got yet another reprieve. D called and said he was getting beer and should he get 16 or 24. I said 24. He got home and told me all about this new beer store. I felt great. We cooked dinner, and off to drinking Guinness (the beer, not the dog).

So we went to bed, and Sunday got up and went on a date to Einstein Bros, and to PetSmart. We got some guards for the clippers. Then grocery store.

We talked about our lack of running, and what is going on...we came up with FACEBOOK! It sucks out evevrything... So argh!

Anyway we got home, and later went for a run. D was going for 2 miles and Guinness and I were going for 3. It was 83 degrees. We joked on the warmup we used to think 83 degrees was good running weather, and now it is sweltering. The warm-up tested my lungs, and they weren't feeling all that great to be honest. HRM was reading 149, which is high for me. Still we dropped Po off, and we all went.

D of course was much further along and finally I didn't see him. Guinness peed every where. She really didn't seem comfortable. About a mile of our run was me being annoyed with her, then at 1.25 miles, it dawned on me that perhaps she was having trouble running as well. My HRM was reading 185, which was still high, but I don't think what I was doing could qualify as running...I think I could walk faster. We got to 1.75 miles which was where we were going to turn to go another mile, and Guinness sat down. WOULD NOT MOVE! So I stopped, checked her out... found a puddle for her, and then she was ready again. But the sitting down thing is a big sign that a dog is in the RED ZONE, so we came home. She is fine, now. D ended up running 2.8 miles and G and I ran 2.16 miles.

After looking at all my results, G and I were pushing ourselves (not time wise)...usually for a 2 mile run I get about 500 calories at the most. Today I got over 600.

So I guess, Po needs sunscreen, and Guinness can't run if it is over 75 degrees and if my allergies are bugging me, hers might be bothering her.


AKA Alice said...

I think 83 degrees is too hot for anyone to run...

I love the caption under Porter's photo. It looks like the hair is growing back already.

Girl on Top said...

Facebook will definitely get you everytime!

Tammy said...

Um, yeah, I dread the days when the lows are in the 80's. The heat affects me worse every year.

Missy said...

Anything above 65 kills my guys too! They just die. Allergy time is killing me too, everything all snotty and itchy.

Sunscreen for the pups yes!

SEE, that's why Facebook scares me, I have enough bad habits.

Robin said...

Poor pup! I hate the heat so I feel your pain and Guinness's. Sometimes I just wanna sit down and find a puddle too.

paige said...

Poor pup, but yeah for mama for running whilst feeling like crap. I'd a just stayed my ass at home, but I'm lazy like that.

The heat is also the reason that I will forever be married to my treadmill.