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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thinking While Running

So yesterday's savings at Aldi was $1.75. Not bad considering I only bought $11 worth of things there. That brings the 5 week total to $30.25. Woohoo! I told my aunt about Aldi. Her response was that her Aldi smelled like rotting meat so she doesn't go. Thankfully mine does not. My friend asked me how much I was wasting in gas to go to Aldi. Actually, I pass Aldi and 1 Kroger to go to Hipster Kroger, so not much (in terms of mileage).

So I'm in taper week. I did 4 miles today in ~52 minutes. That is 13 minutes a mile, people! Fastest I've done it. Of course my legs were feeling it. I started it the way I start my 3 mile treadmill drill albeit at 4.4mph. I got to 30 minutes at 4.9mph and knew I didn't have 20 minutes left in me, so I knocked it to 4.5 which I bumped to 4.7mph after a minute. I ran that for 10 minutes, and then took a walk break for a minute. Gatorade never tasted so good. I restarted at 4.5 and after 5 minues bumped it to 4.6. The last 2 minutes I played with the time and it was all over from 4.7 to 5.1 mph.

So besides counting down the run, I thought about jobs. I realized of my 3 jobs, I have gotten one through Hotjobs. Yes, the other 2 jobs were listed on sites, but I got them through networking. This kind of took me by surprise, but my first job, I got the 2nd interview because the recruiter was on campus and went to talk to his old professor. Well, I had the professor for 5 classes, so the recruiter asked about potential hires. The prof told him to get me. When the prof told me, I was shocked he even knew my name. He said, "You've taken 5 of my classes, and in the last 4, you were the only female." I busted out laughing because I never even noticed!

So 2nd job was the hotjobs one. One of the interviewers was a baseball hotdog fanatic so we talked about that.

Last job, my friend recommended me to his boss. That was the only interview that was not technical.

So I figured out to land interviews I have to ask people to recommend me. Not easy being that I'm an engineer (risk-averse). But that's how I got the one today. I've been invited back for Round 2 (there are 4 Rounds).

I thought about when I was interviewing for my first job, people told me to just lie if I didn't have the experience. I was totally perplexed by this. Well the first 2 jobs, the interviewers have asked me technical questions, like analyze this circuit or what's the amplification? You certainly can't lie.

So after the run and the interview, I watched Las Vegas. How did it not get any Emmys? I mean Ron Jeremy was on it today.


RockStarTri said...

I think you are due for a break on the job hunt. In my last job hunt, I got two interviews through agencies but got offers from recommendations.

SeeGirlRun said...

Out of my 5 jobs in life, two were from the newspaper (yes, I'm that old), I was recommended for one, and one came from Monster. So what kind of engineer are you?


Delane said...

I've never been recommenced by anybody really :-( I've had a lot more jobs than you too.

Enjoy taper week!!!

Carolina John said...

good luck on your big race!

rtfgvb7822 said...

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