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Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Happened to My Normal Running Buddies, like the Terrorist Dogs or the Man on the Bike with the Bolt Cutters?

Well, the 2nd April Run was not much better than the first.

It started Saturday. 1 or 7 too many beers on Friday night prevented me from getting up on Saturday to go for a run. On top of it, the temperature was 80+ degrees. Excuse me, where is spring...65-70 degrees? I hate being hot so 80+ degrees is nasty.

So around 2pm I got my ass at out of bed, and watched Intervention. I can safely say, I'm not a heroin addict, nor do I have OCD.

So I made chili, because isn't that what you make when it is 80+ degrees out? D called and we discussed whether we should get more beer for the evening...yes. So he came home, and we had chili and beer and watched Burn After Reading. It was a good movie. Much better than the new GC movie...Up in the Air (hated it). You should really make the chili.

So today we got up. And went and had bagels. Then watched ice hockey.

At 1:30 I decided to go on my 7 mile run. Outside. It was 79 degrees. I drank some water, found my hand-held water bottle, and was off. I was running slowly. I was thirsty at .25 miles. My water was already warm. This run was going to be stellar I could tell.

I was in the subdivision and there isn't a lot of shade. I saw my neighbor, and waved. I did his street's hill 3 times, and went to the front of the sd. But I wasn't in the mood to do his street's hill 3 more times, so I just ran back up past my house, and out to the prison.

German Shepherd's street had some shade so I turned there. It was about 2 miles in. My legs were like lead. I was thirsty. I started thinking about my friends and GA Snail who ran 50K yesterday. I thought they were nuts. I thought I was pathetic considering how I couldn't run 2 miles. My left eye was burning (pollen under the contact) and my lungs were sucking. I was drinking my hot water.

Terrorist dogs weren't out. ATT Street had lots of people on it, enough to make me uncomfortable so I didn't run it. I didn't feel like doing Friday hill either. I ran down the church street, and ran up to the school, and did a loop back to the church street. There was a family inspecting some trash from someone's eviction that I passed. I recognized them from the neighborhood (this was where the kids were jousting earlier last week). I got to the school, and a black truck with no license plate passed me. I noticed he stopped but not at the stop sign. So I turned around. And he backed up. Not wanting to be on a street that I wasn't sure if people were out, I turned back to where the trash pickers were. I proceeded to run up and down that street for .75 miles while the truck followed me. Of all the times to forget my phone!!! The trash pickers noticed the truck too (the diesel fumes were helping me breathe as well). By now, I was just done. The truck finally turned out of the neighborhood away from the subdivision, so I ran home. I hit my driveway at 4.6 miles and ran the driveway until I got to 5 miles. I cut the run short by 2 miles. More because I was freaked then not wanting to run.

God, I hate people.


SeeGirlRun said...

Wow - scarey run. I'm glad you're ok. It WAS hot today and my 4.5 miler sucked just as much. Bleck. I want my 70 degree weather back!

Julie said...

Wow that is a crazy neighborhood. Good job on getting out there though...I am not a fant of running in the heat so I usually try to get out early.

mommie2lea said...

That is scary. Especially to this suburban girl whose most exciting run encounter was with a pair of geese on someone's lawn while I ran 9 miles through the sidestreets today!

And I am so with you on the hot weather. Yuck.

Delane said...

I'm a freak, I like running in warm weather.

I freeze my water bottels in the summer. It helps for a while, but it will get hot nonetheless.

SeeGirlRun said...

Everyone should have a peep at least once in their life. Marshmallow coated in sugar. Mmmmmm.... Going to try your dog treats as soon as I get the ingredients. I have a German Shepherd too.

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Ha! Me too.