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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last "Long" Run before the Big One

I say "long" because it was the longest run left. 7 miles. Plus before I embarked on this training the farthest I ever ran was 6.2 miles. 7 seemed really long. Hell! Who am I kidding? 7 still seems really long.

I decided it was early enough to run the 'hood where the unusual crazies wouldn't be out. I pre-fueled with a Quaker Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Promax-70 Nutty Peanut Butter Crisp (no, it doesn't taste like a Butterfinger. But it is good for what it is) and 4 glasses of water. Then I took SB for his 2nd walk of the morning. I wasn't going to walk him but the body slam into the front door let me know he might have to go out.

Finished with him and off I went. It was about 60 degrees. I contemplated bringing water but "oh, it is only 7 miles." So up to the end of road and back. Was I going to do 9:1? No, it is only 7 miles. Down the main hill and up the side road. 3 laps around the teardrop and out to the front of the subdivision. Another 3 laps around the teardrop. Got to Hellatious Hill and went straight instead of taking it. Back to the end of road and back. I was 3 miles in. Hellatious Hill. What is this? I feel I'm going faster up you than usual. I OWN you, HH!

Up to German Shepherd Pass. Ok, church, where is everyone? It is 10ish? Where is German Shepherd. I'm afraid something bad has happened. Up to Terrorist Dog Hill. OMG! You guys are getting meaner. Health Center Hill and BellSouth RD... lalala. No one out, although crazy man who hit other crazy man (friends) with a beer bottle...your music is very loud.

Car #1 at drug dealer house (DDH). Is that woman dead? No, I saw a leg move. Up Friday Hill. That Church is packed. Back down Friday Hill. Car #1 is gone. Out to end of 'hood and back, car #2 is already leaving DDH. Up to the school. Finally 4 miles and change. Up to Terrorist Dogs. Bark all you want you mutts! Skip Health Center and BellSouth. Old Man at DDH house. Back to school. My foot hurts.

I wonder if the blister is bad. The ball of my foot has an open blister on it that I've been ignoring. I can now feel it. OK BellSouth RD, I got ya. 5 more laps if I were on the track. I'm really thirsty. Water would be good about now. Guess I should have brought it. Car #3 at DDH. Maybe she lives there. Um no! In and out too fast. Now a young man is on the porch. Oops! That car is honking at me (not Car #3). I guess I should run on the side of the road, not in the middle. School done! Maybe I should have run 9:1. OK, I'm running up Terrorist Dog Hill to lengthen this run. Only .6 more miles. GS Pass. Oh! The Church is full. .4 more miles. Come on! You own this. Why are you so tired. It is only 7 miles.

Back in the subdivision. .3 miles. .25 miles. Yay! 1 more lap (at a track). Coming down Hellatious Hill. At the end of the road. 6.94 miles. Running up the hill to my house. 6.98. Keep going. It's got to be done. Turn around and run back to house. Stop! 7.02 miles.
See you could run 7 miles, and then some!

After run fuel was V8 Fusion, water and Coke Zero. I didn't feel like going to the basement to get some Gatorade. Afterall it was only 7 miles!


Sunflower Kisses said...

Good job on the 7-mile run.

Lisa said...

Great run. You're doing a good job. Getting excited for the race?

Delane said...

Great run. Isn't it amazing that how long runs past aren't so long.

mommie2lea said...

ONLY 7 miles... isn't that crazy?!? Good luck on your taper and your race! I can't wait to read the post-race report.

SeeGirlRun said...

Yeah - ONLY 7 FLIPPIN MILES? That's HUGE. And you beat the mental obstacles. Every one. I think I'll have to do an out and back so I can't cheat.... If I run out I'll HAVE to finish to get home. Unless I call the hub to come and get and and he'd never let me live it down. Way to GO!


Julie said...

Woohoo!!! 7 miles and no water! I'm dieing after 3!
You are killing it girl!

Aka Alice said...

Your neighborhood run reports never fail to crack me up (is she dead? no I saw her leg move...LOL)

I did a 7 mile run on Saturday and thought I was such a slacker for running "only 7 mile."

Who are we?