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Sunday, April 11, 2010

12 miles -- DONE!!!

So 12 miles was on tap for this weekend. Friday, in preparation, I made Oreo Balls. Actually I made them for C's birthday present (C is A's daughter). She was having a Fancy Nancy Party. I still don't know what that means, but whatever.

D got home and made us ravioli. We were carbing up.

Saturday morning we got up and took the dogs to daycare. Scuttlebutt needed to be tested to get in. G already was. Then across the top of 285 to the Silver Comet.

It was about 45 degrees and D and I were in shorts and short sleeves. We were cold. I redid my shoe (I wore the new ones) because something was in the shoe. Bathroom break and we were off.

I decided I was running 9 minutes walk 1 minute. This proved to be good. At mile 2 I saw my friend John running in the opposite direction running with his tri group. I didn't really like this path because it went down on the sides. When I run on the road, I run opposite traffic because it seems to help my legs. I couldn't do that here. At mile 4, I was thinking I could run a marathon with no issue. My legs felt strong. At mile 5 I saw D who was on his return trip (out and back run). Between Mile 5 and 6, I decided the Garmin broke. I couldn't get to mile 6. My God! 5.39, 5.44, 5.51 etc. Finally I hit 6 and turned around. Mile 7 seemed good and I got to Mile 8 around 1:57:00 which was 6 minutes faster than last time. Mile 8 and 9, I could feel myself getting slower. Still 9/1. I hit 10.5 miles and decided I wanted to stop. Instead I went to a 4/1. I was getting irritated with all the stroller moms who would just stop in the middle of the path (this was where I biked last year) and with the bikers who would ride as close to the right to when they passed me on the left (I was running right on the edge and actually felt 2 bikers). Finally I hit 12. I saw D (who had been waiting for me for over an hour). He "ran" to the car and got me a Gatorade, as I slowly walked to the car.

Looking at Garmin, I think I will do the 9/1 for the HM. My times were better. I think I get a block during my last 2 miles as well.

Afterward, we went to D's work and got a Boston Butt for chili today (not worthy of linking to the recipe). We got home, and got ready for C's birthday. A had gone all out on the food (Baked Brie was devine), and A's husband had a good selection of beer of which I chose Terrapin Rye.

We left around 5 and went to get the pups. SB PASSED! I had been worried, because when he plays he shows teeth. I had reminded the daycare we were Porter's parents (everyone loved Po), so maybe that gave him extra points. But anyway, he can now be boarded for our trip to Louisville! To celebrate we took the pups for ice cream.


Lisa said...

HUGE congrats on your 12 miler. YAY!!!!

9:1 sounds like a great plan. I think I did something like that for my first couple half marathons and it really worked out nicely for me too.

sAm said...

Awesome job!

mommie2lea said...

Congrats on 12!!! You are so ready for the half!

Julie said...

Good job!!! You know I started doing a 2:1 and I was amazed at how "fast" my time is. Although I feel like I'm walking alot I run a lot faster on the 2. Have you tried a shorter run/walks?

Delane said...

Congrats babe!!!! Your doing awesome.

I'd find out where you water stops are and expected pace is going to be..plan to walk though the stops and about 30 seconds after drinking (so its not sloshing!) and then more intervals of walking in-between. This way you can walk through them and not worry about running and drinking, which I have never ever mastered.

SeeGirlRun said...

Wow - 12 miles. I am so impressed! I can't wait to hear about the half!
And I'm glad SB made it too. :-)

Java Joggers said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Nice one. I am long running vicariously right now so love the breakdown :) Ooohh my gosh. I have serious stroller issues. My favorite are the packs of them walking side by side who take up the entire pathway because they're the most important people in the world. Maybe I'm just an antisocial runner...

The Enthusiast said...

I LOVE oreo balls. I actually have some in the fridge right now :-D

Awesome on the 12 miles! The best run I ever had I did a 5/1. I love it when you finally figure out what works best for you.

Missy said...

$1 cones at McD's or Sonic = the dogs fav!

Nice job.