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Thursday, March 4, 2010


I got 4 flush emails today; 3 from jobs I actually applied to. I also got a phone interview moved to a different time tomorrow.
It was scheduled for the afternoon, but I have to drive North, and would prefer not to wait until after 3pm to leave.

So my running scheduled is all smooshed together right now. I ran my 7 on Saturday. Then Monday, I ran 4.5, slowly. It was ok. I ran the last .7 next to a guy in short white shorts, a tight shiny purple tank, and a Gigli ball cap. Now the outfit wasn't that outlandish for my gym. But the Gigli cap? And it was bedazzled. Who saw Gigli let alone has a cap? So it made me laugh. The techno music in the gym was blaring, and the guy caught me looking at him in the mirror. So he danced on the treadmill.

Tuesday, I ran 3 miles the fastest on the treadmill yet...38:19. This seemed really great until I went to dinner with my friend, my other friend and her co-workers. Oh my, my legs were mad. Food-wise I didn't do badly, and one of the co-workers picked up the bill, unexpectedly.
Also recruiter said company liked my credentials so a phone interview is being set up.

Wednesday, my thighs killed. So another 4.5 miles. Nothing exciting at the gym. Me running at 4.3 mph. I couldn't go faster. I tried. Nope, wasn't going to happen. Finally finished. I was still faster than Monday.

Today is the Burn Notice Marathon, applying to jobs and making dog cookies.
Also pack for my dad's, a viewing, a funeral, and 2 car trips. And dread that 8 mile run tomorrow. I don't know which I'm dreading more...the interview or the run. (Interviews make me nervous, no matter how qualified I am).

Hopefully no more flushes today.


Missy said...

Interview them, it's your job to have, interview them, are they good enough for YOU?

Nice running, though. You're rocking it.

Julie said...

Good luck! And good job on the running!

Lisa said...

Best wishes with the interviews

GeorgiaSnail said...

Keep your chin up! Good things are in store for you!

Aka Alice said...

I read this earlier in the week, but couldn't comment because I was reading on my iPhone, but the Gigli cap made me snort.

Sucks about the interviews. Hang in there. You're a genius. Something will come through for you.

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Hope the interview AND the run were wonderful. I think the guy in the bedazzled Gigli hat actually lives in my neiborhood...