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Sunday, March 21, 2010

9 Miles

I did my longest run yet. Yesterday morning D and I lay (laid, lain ???) in bed talking about running. Neither of us wanted to do it. But SB and G-dog needed to go out so that would be our warmup. With a water, a glass of V8 Fusion and a Clif-Bar down, out we went. Dogs did their business and we came back and dropped them off. D decided he was going to run to the zoo and back, but I decided to stay in the 'hood. 46 warm degrees (seriously). It was 64 when I got back.

Up to .5mile hill (.25 miles each way). 2 old men were outside at 9:30 drinking beer. The weather was very crisp that this seemed perfectly normal (good patio drinking weather). I returned back and waved to them then down the subdivision hill to the subdivision hill loop. I did 3 loops and then ran to the beginning of the subdivision (1 and 2 miles). I repeated this and then went back up .5mile hill. The 2 men were still out. I was jealous. Next I went up Hellatious Hill. I'm not sure why I hate this hill so much, but I do. It isn't steep just long, but really not (the little elevation right before 3 miles, not the long hill from 2 to 3)...HH is about .3 miles.

At German Shepherd's house I was at 3 miles. I ran up to Terrorist Dog Hill and USP Hill. There were a lot of empty condom wrappers on this part of the run. Normally this would bug me, but I'm just happy people are having safe sex. BellSouth Hill was boring...the creepy man who asked me where I lived was there, but I ignored him. Up to the Friday House (4 miles), and up to the school. Will I or won't I run down to the park? I will. I hate this hill. Perhaps I should practice riding my bike up this hill. If I could get up just running (hill right before 5 miles). Still I got up it pretty fast. I saw D at the intersection. His legs were looking stronger than mine. At GS house, he saw me. He was at 7 miles, I was at 5. Ugh! So jealous. I did my "lap" again. One of the Terrorist Dogs has lost weight. I swear he could get through the fence if he wanted too. Creepy guy was still out. People were outside of the drug house (not the Friday house). I decided not to run down to the park this time. I ran a quick lap (no side streets so no interesting houses). I finished that and came back to Terrorist Dogs and German Shepherd.

I never saw GS. D said she is pregnant. Then back into the SD. I got down the hill and was almost to mile 8. When I finally hit it, it was 5 minutes faster than my 8-miler 2 weeks ago. The rest of the run was blase. I ran a little circle at the front of the subdivision because it was flat. Also at 8.67 miles, I met a new neighbor because I saw he had water and I wanted some. So he gave me a bottle. Apparently I can't run 9 miles without hydration...who knew?

So I sucked the water out of the bottle and started running home. I ran on an alleyway, again because it was flat, came out of that, and finish my miles going up a hill. My next-door neighbor was out. I asked him if he would drive me to my house. I think he thought I was joking. I walked on the other side of his house (not my house) again because it was flat. Finally I got home, and sucked down Gatorade.

I soaked my feet in ice cold water. I'm not sure why. They were burning so I thought it might help. The ball of my foot is bruised. D says I need new shoes...the soles of mine are smooth now. I know I do. I have almost 400 miles on these (I know some of you have 1000+miles on yours, but I'm not you).

So my HM time is going to be over 3 hours closer to 3.5 hours. At first I was bothered by this. D said I shouldn't be. He said how many other people even run HMs. I'm still bothered by this, but not enough not to go run it.


sAm said...

My goal for my HM in May is 3.5 hours. Last year my first one (in August, after not nearly enough time running) I finished in 3:46:41. So hey - just get out there, enjoy yourself, and realize that you will have the opportunity later to get a new PR...why make it too difficult for future you? Just have a great time - you're doing awesome!

The Enthusiast said...

Great job on doing 9 miles! I'm aiming to do my first 10K this June, so 9 miles is still a LOT to me :-D Sounds to me like you are kicking some serious butt!

Julie said...

Good job!!! Nine miles is a fantastic achievement. Try not to worry about the time it will take you, you will still feel just as satisfied in having completed your goal when you cross that finish line!

Lisa said...

Yay for getting through your 9 mile run. That's terrific!!

and you aren't the only one who needs hydration for a run that long. I carry my handheld even for short runs, and when I go over 8 I switch to a hydration belt. Water won't do it for me over 8 miles either, I need accelerade.

anyway...great job. and I agree not to worry one little bit about how long it takes to get from the start to the finish line. just keep on keepin' on!

Kym said...

Alb - you are AWESOME. I wouldn't worry too much about your time, other than to take your best guess on what it will be. It's a totally different kind of race than a 5K or 5 miler (like I would know -- I've only raced 5Ks!).

I did my 10K distance on Saturday and know that I would NOT have been able to go an extra three miles. My legs were HEAVY.

And I have to have hydration after just an hour. I'm going to have to buy a fuel belt -- my 10K distance took me 70 minutes on Saturday, and I was seeing mirages by the time I got to my cool-down. :)

If you need new shoes, get them now. It's taken me about 3 weeks to get acclimated to my new ones. And I can only get about 400-450 miles out of my shoes -- that's all mine are supposed to get.

Delane said...

WTG!!!! My last 1/2 time sucked..it was way over what I thought it was going to be. But I can say I did it and have a shiny medal too.

Aka Alice said...

OMG Al...your run reports crack me up. I love how you have names for all your neighbors and landmarks (Terrorist Dog Hill...classic).

And since you asked...the past tense of lay is laid. Lain is the past participle (we had lain there since the sun came up), but nobody really writes or says that any more. Laid is also the past tense of to lie...which is why lie down to get laid.

I only know this because I have to teach it at the CC. My CC students always remember the "get laid" joke (which I could never have made when I was teaching high school...and which explains why I probably am better off teaching at the CC.)

On the other hand, as I established in my last blog, I really don't know the difference between right and left, so what do I know?

Anyway, great run.

RockStarTri said...

Good job on the niner. You are setting yourself up for a good race in the half. Don't worry about the time, celebrate the fun!

I love the name "Terrorist Dog Hill!"