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Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 more miles done

So I can't figure out if the Vitamin D is working or if I'm just not eating a lot. I think it is both. I lost 4+ pounds this week. I just stared at the scale when I saw the number. I was not expecting a huge loss.

Maybe it is not sleeping, or maybe it is watching countless episodes of Hoarders, Las Vegas and NCIS. Who knows.

I ran 5 miles this morning. 20 seconds slower than Tuesday. What is funny, is the 5 miler race I do in December, I'm running faster than that. I think it is knowing I ran 4.5 miles in under 60 minutes a few weeks ago, and now I can't run 5 miles in under 73 minutes.

So the run was boring and hot. I didn't look at the miles on the treadmill, until 65 minutes had passed (wouldn't you have been bored by then too). Not to mention it was a sauna. Also I noticed all week I'm stopping after 20 minutes because I'm absolutely dehydrated.

We'll see how I do on my 9 miler in the 'hood.

I'm looking for the camera cord again. The pups, D and I had a birthday beer last night. Scuttlebutt just likes the foam. Guinness could drink Guinness all day if I'd let her. Of course that is in between her 20 hours of sleep, 2 hours of playing and 2 hours of moping. The life of a 10-yr old dog...

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Delane said...

Addison loves beer too!

Great job on the 5miles at the gym. I can't go more than a 1/2 mile on the dreadmill.. I envy your ablity to do that!

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Stop. Best picture I have seen in a long, long time :) Love your dog stories.

GeorgiaSnail said...

human year = 7 dog years...

legal drinking age = 21 years old

21/7 = 3 dogs years = legal age for dog to consume alcohol...looks like someone was serving minors....

Lisa said...

good job on the weight loss

and the dreadmill run. i had to do that this week too. bleck!

Aka Alice said...

65 minutes on the 'mill? Wow...I'd have been suicidal at that point. I can do 45 minutes...tops.

Happy B-day to the pups and to you.