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Monday, March 29, 2010

5 miles No, 10 miles Yes!

So I was totally bummed last Thursday that I had to miss my 5 mile run. First, I had to wake up with an alarm, second my schedule was all messed up (since I don't sleep until about 2). Third, the run was interrupted by a mandatory workshop at the Department of Labor. If I didn't go, I wouldn't get a check. So off I went.

I walked in and a woman is there with her screaming baby. I sat on the other side of the room. Then a man with the most oppressive BO sat down next to me. There were like 100 other seats. Then he doused himself in Axe. I moved.

The workshop was called and at 20 after 9 it finally started (it was supposed to start at 9). The woman with the kid was not allowed to attend. Maybe I was only in the 6th Circle of Hell instead of the 7th. BO/Axe Man sat infront of me and one of my eyes swelled shut so I moved again.

Then because no one raised their hand to say they were illiterate we had to read the pamphlet cover to cover outloud incase someone was embarrassed. Then we went over the importance of a GED and why we should get one. I tuned the lady out and drew a picture. At 1030, someone wanted to know about going back to school on the GI Bill, and the lady didn't know. This blew my mind because surely this isn't the first veteran who had this question. Aye yi yi.

I came home and took a nap. I felt it was the only way (a nap) to wake up my brain. Next mandatory workshop is how to dress for an interview, and then the next is how to write a resume (kind of putting the cart before the horse in my opinion). I'm *so* excited about these classes considering I took these workshops at college, at a professional place after my first layoff and at DoL after my first layoff.

The good thing...I lost 0.9 pounds.

So I missed the 5 mile run. Saturday I got up. D went somewhere to run, but I chose to run in the neighborhood. Where he was running, 2 women have been chased by a knife-wielding man, and the Silver Comet is too flat. So the neighborhood it was.

Mile 1 was just getting my brain into it. I really had trouble. My Chemical Romance didn't even kick it up. I think the 5th song on the list (Wrong-Depeche Mode) finally kicked me in. No one was outside. It was a bit windy any direction, it seemed. I came near Mile 3 infront of my house, so I stopped and drank some water (that I left on the stairs). Up out of the subdivision and to visit German Shepherd Street. I still haven't seen her. The Terrorist Dogs were out. Loud as usual. I passed a man walking. One house someone had been evicted and the door had a chain on it.

I got to ATT Hill. The creepy man wasn't out. I found out last week he or his friend got arrested, because they threw beer bottles at each other after one wouldn't share his food. So I giggled when I passed his house. The 2 dogs that may or not be his were parked on the warming grate. They didn't even look up.

I started up Friday Hill. I think there is a new drug house. In my course of running 3 laps on this street, I saw 4 cars pull up. But I have to observe more.

I finished up the first lap and Terrorist Dogs greeted me. I ran back to GS. She still wasn't out. Back to Terrorist Dog Hill, and up to Family Health Hill. That's where all the condoms usually are (used to be a lot of needles when it was a day care). Oddly, FH was not opened. That was unusual. I passed a man riding a bike and holding bolt cutters. ATT again was quiet, although one dog had moved.

As I was running toward Friday hill, a Pit Bull let me know he was in his yard. Somehow I didn't pee in my pants. This dog scares me. Almost finished that lap and 2 kids had gotten these styrofoam things out of thrash and were "jousting". Made me laugh.

On the 3rd lap, I went to GS, and went down a different road to Terrorist Dog Hill. I have found the new Friday House. OMG! Contact high. I also passed the man I saw on the first lap. He told me I had been out for too long and I was making everyone else look bad. That made me laugh.

I finally hit mile 8 at 2:03. 2 minutes faster than last week. I turned back to go to the subdivision. The evicted house now had a cut chain on it. Still no one out. At mile 9 I stopped at my house. 2:23 (2 minutes faster than last week). I got some water. I really just wanted to be done. Instead, I went down the hill and ran a .07 stretch a whole bunch of times to get to Mile 10. My legs hurt and I was tired. Walking up the hill, the mailman asked me if I was ok, as I almost made him hit me (I stepped out into the street). Finally I got to my house. Yay!

D made some excellent chili. We also went to see my friend B for her birthday. New beer, John John Dead Guy. Unfortunately my insomnia kicked in. I went to bed at 6AM.

I ordered new shoes. New Balance 1123s. They are what I have now. They work pretty well. However, my toes are messed up. I had skin flaps from old blisters with new blisters on top of them. It is kind of gross. No amount of Body Glide would help and the one that really hurts is on the ball of my foot, so no duct tape. (It hurts at mile 7 and on). The one thing I couldn't figure out is Road Runner Sports. I can go to their website and pay $147.99 for shoes or I can go to Amazon and pay $104.99 for the same shoes and they are sent from Road Runner Sports. We had this same puzzle when we got D's shoes.


Lisa said...

good job on your ten miles, but good golly women, what an experience you had out there! knife yielding men, terrorist dogs, drug house, etc

Delane said...

Great Job!!!! Your times are totally rocking.

SeeGirlRun said...

Geez Louise, I hope you run with pepper spray! Great job on your run, from both a training perspective AND a "you didn't get mugged" perspective!

Aka Alice said...

Yeah...I've seen that with RRS before too. I called their phone number once and the store sent them to me for the Amazon price. The peeps on their 800 number are pretty helpful, if not annoyingly cheery, but I'll take that over butthead any day of the week.

Good job on the 10 miler!