Weight I have lost

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So last time I wrote I had an interview and an 8 mile run to do. I did both. I succeeded in the run. I didn't get the job. Then I drove to my dad's house. Mostly I hung out with my brother and his friend, and had a beer called Bud 55. Have you ever had those Crystal Light Flavored Waters? That's what this reminded me of.

Saturday, my dad, brother and I drove to DC for my grandfather's funeral. OMG! I was 5 again. Dad put in a book on tape. In the middle of the CD. With no dialogue. About the Civil War. After getting through NC, I thought I would die (book was 13 moons). I think it was written by a man, but what man takes 20 minutes to describe sex? It was awful. And I wasn't allowed to talk. At VA there was 1 CD left and it was in the back. Darn! So we got to listen to My Chemical Romance and I was able to talk again. Bro slept all the way.

The next few days we did the funeral thing. Monday, I got called for an interview and called the guy about the other interview (no). Tuesday we went back to my dad's. Wednesday I came home. The interview I got called for...they called me back and told me that they found better candidates, so they were cancelling mine. Niiice!!!! I didn't run at all until this past Tuesday. 5 Miles. I thought my legs were going to fall off. So slow!

Today was no joy either. 3 Miles at over 40 minutes. I'm wondering if the gym is too hot (72 degrees). It used to be 67.

Scuttlebutt graduated on Monday. Of course he picked this weekend to forget lay and rollover. But he did everything else, albeit minimally.

Today is Guinness's 10th birthday and SB's 1st. No party until I get a job. Then a keg.


Delane said...


boo on the beer
boo on the job
boo on the drive

yeah for SB
yeah for the pooches b-days

running after haidas (sp?)is always hard! After a couple of runs you will be back in your groove!

Viper said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I just lost mine last month.

The runs will get better. Congrats to the pooch on graduation. Dobson has a ways to go yet. He's being really bratty at his six-month mark.