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Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm alive, but my butt hurts.

So I haven't posted because I haven't run since 10.18. Just haven't felt like waking up early and at night it is too late. D and I have had some things going on in our lives, so neither of us is really with it at the moment (we are fine...just dealing with life's stresses). So yesterday, he called and said he had his running clothes on so I wouldn't be able to find an excuse when I got home. So after a 75 minute commute (this is longer than my normal 55 minute commute), I got home and put on my running clothes. We decided to go to the gym as it has been getting a bit cold. Mile 1 wasn't terribly exciting. I finished it in 13:11 minutes. Mile 2 wasn't very exciting. I finished it in 12:57 minutes. Whoa! Wait!
My watch must be wrong. I finished it under 13 minutes. That can't be right. Turns out, when I thought I had set the treadmill to 4.6 mph, I had set it to 4.8. So yes, it was right.
Go me! My butt muscles were killing this morning.

In other news, I signed up for the Chomp and Stomp 5K on 11.08. Anne is going to go too.

Time: 26:08 (run)
Mileage: 2 (13:04 min/mile)
Time: 21 (walk)
Mileage: 1.1 (19:05 min/mile)
Calories: 666
Max HR 191
Avg HR 166
In Zone 9:10


Tammy said...

Yay for a great run!!

Lori said...

WTG for getting out and doing it. THe first "getting back to it" can be the hardest.

mommie2lea said...

Awesome run times... you go! Makes the sore butt worth it. ;-)

Marcy said...

That's RIGHT BABY!! YOu totally rocked that run ;D ;D

Viv said...

way to get back on the running. Good luck on the 5K for this coming weekend in case I get lost again..LOL!