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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick update

I got to the GI doc at 10:15 for my 10:30 appointment yesterday. At 11:15 they finally took me back. She pressed around my side, I said ouch, and then...

DR- Al, you need a CT scan, because I think it is your appendix.
AL (not comprehending)-ok, when do you want me to come in
DR- um, hold on, the nurse will be in a second with the directions.
AL- Directions? You mean appointment?
DR- No. I hope you have nothing else to do today. I'm going to make sure radiololgy can fit you in.

So luckily all my doctors are at Pill Hill (collection of 3 hospitals and medical buildings galore). So I only had to go across the street (but still had to pay for another place for parking). I got there and immediately had to down a barium milkshake (how many points is that, anyone, anyone).
Then I read Modern Bride, Gourmet, and Better Homes and Gardens. After 2 hours (they told me the milkshake thing would be 2 hours), they called me back to another room, where I got another milkshake and got to watch One Life to Live. How much Botox does Dorian have? She looks younger than the last time I watched 11 years ago! Finally they took me to the CT room, and did the CT. Then I got to get up and go pay. I did ask if I was ok...I mean, are you just going to send someone home if they have appendicitis. So I'm not supposed to know I'm fine, but the tech told me in so many words that I'm fine.

Then I got to pay. The lady asked me how much I wanted to put down. I was figuring she was talking about my copay. So I said $20. She asked if I wanted to put anything else down. So I asked how much my bill was. She said it was over $5000, to which I busted out laughing. I never did get out of her if that was with or without insurance. So I put down a whopping $50. The lady was laughing with me, because she said she would send me the rest of the bill. I told her she would be able to hear me laugh when I got it. (I told her it would be a payment plan thing). Even with insurance it will be over $1K.

So finally at 4PM I got to go home. A little freaked and very tired. Needless to say, I didn't go lift weights (yesterday D and I were going to start that) or run this morning. All the pressing on my side is making it hurt a lot, so I'm going to take a muscle relaxer and go back to bed.


Tammy said...

I'm glad you're OK... $5,000 later. Jeez! That's crazy!

AKA Alice said...

Really? Insurance doesn't cover a CT scan that your doctor almost requires you to have immediately? I'd challenge that one...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Carly said...

OMG....ouch to the CT scan bill. I feel your pain. I am in a race to see which bill will be paid off first medical bills or student loan. LOL

I hope you are feeling better.

Susan (aka Suba) said...

So, when will you find out what's wrong?

Sorry you're feeling crappy!

Viv said...

The medical bills are crazy just like you said the economy! Oh Al I hope they can pinpoint what is going dahling and get you feeling like yoursefl soon. Please keep us posted! I did giggle at you long afternoon at the med center though. Not at you with you especially on the botox comment.

mommie2lea said...

Okay, you made me literally LOL with the barium milkshake/points question... hope you enjoyed that nasty chalky crap guilt-free! Not free, of course, because of the $5K bill (#$@^#$%#@%)... gotta love the insurance system.

I hope you find an answer to the issue soon, and one that can actually provide some relief.