Weight I have lost

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So once again I'm up in weight. Gained back what I lost last week.
I'm ready to sue WeWa for something... just not sure what.
Let's see...I increased the water, the fruit, the milk. I got rid of bagels and went to oatmeal.
2 more weeks and I'll say fuck it.

So D and I went to the Thrashers game last night, pre-season. It was free thanks to bossman. All day, I didn't want to go, because my side was hurting. It hurts to breathe in, pee or have a BM. But I went. Last night when we got home, I was in a lot of pain. So much I almost went to the ER, but decided I didn't want to be surrounded with gunshot victims and criminals who have to have a physical before going to jail.

So I woke up every time I moved. I went to my doc this morning. He said I have a spastic colon. Tell me something I don't know. I already know I have IBS...I mean who has 5 freaking BMs a day, normally, besides me? So there was no change there. I peed in a cup. My kidneys are fine. He recommended an Ultrasound, and a call to my GI doctor. I go see her every 2 years for this exact thing and it always takes 4 weeks to get in, and by then the pain is gone. But I call the office only to find out she works for KP, which means I can't see her. So I left a message to see someone else. 6 weeks from now, if I still have the pain, I will go see the doctor. In the meantime, I get to go to an US that I know will prove fruitless (this will be my 9th one in 16 years), they'll determine I don't have Chrohn's or Colitis, and that I still have IBS.
I may not go (it'll be out of pocket if I do go).

Oh, because my side hurt to breathe deeply, I didn't go run. The doctor couldn't explain why I can walk faster than I run. He also couldn't explain why I can't lose weight, except maybe the Prozac that I have been on for 21 years (I got every imaginable test last year for the weight thing).

And the icing on the cake...mmm cake... the medicine that I take is having production issues, so the only medicine they can prescribe is one that causes drowsiness.

I might say f-it this afternoon, suck it up and run. I would go get a beer, but from experience, that will hurt quite a lot.

I'm thinking I might start Slim Fast. At least then, my bitchiness can be attributed to something, like starving to death.

OK for real, what am I going to do. But FF Coolwhip and fruit. That will serve as my dessert instead of an ice cream bar. That is what I will give up this week.


Viv said...

Ohhh so sorry you are in pain. Girl if the run hurts just walk fast. I love how you asked the Dr why can walk fater than you run. I am pretty sure I could too, but if I try it I might get super pissed and never "run" again.

Keep us posted...

WeWa give it a chance for a couple more weeks.

Tammy said...

Sorry that you are in such pain.

I agree... go for a fast walk if it's easier.

mommie2lea said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. That kind of pain makes it hard to do anything, and bitchiness is just part of the package (coming from someone who had to have her entire large intestine removed in 2004 because of ulcerative colitis).

Make sure you do everything you can to work out that crabbiness while it is good and strong... flip off bad drivers, complain about purposely poor customer service, take off on solicitation calls that are just too early or too late... all the fun stuff! ;-)

Nitmos said...

You know, I woke up today thinking I haven't read about anyone's spastic colons in awhile and BAM here it is. Thanks for that. ;)

Nitmos said...

And here's to hoping the pain subsides!