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Friday, October 3, 2008

Goals of the weekend

So yesterday after feeling sorry for myself...the GI doc called and said she could see me on Monday. So of course, I've been feeling better since then. It couldn't be the muscle relaxers or anything.

I got home last night and decided I wanted Kung Pao, so D said ok. So we called DAWA and they delivered. They know my voice...Minnie Mouse on helium. I called and got, "Oh hi 123 Main Street. How are puppies?" D calls and he doesn't get that. So they delivered and we ate. I decided I would run today (Friday) but it isn't happening. I'm redlining prints, and falling asleep.

So somewhere between now and Sunday night I will ride my bike, go to the Georgia Tech/Duke game , and run.

Guinness and I did play with the police horses today. They for some reason were strolling the 'hood. They are zone 3 horses and we are zone 6, so I don't know why they were in the hood, but Guinness loved it. She barked, peed, tripped over herself, and generally acted like a fool. And before I came outside, I could tell from her bark, that teeth were showing.

The cops said she was a good guard dog. Little do they know, you pat her head, and she becomes your best friend.


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Viv said...

LMAO that they know your voice..you always say Minnie Mouse. That reminds me of a Sex And The city episode where miranda gets offended that the lady knew her and her order. I have been craving chinesse food so bad you just made it worst..LOL!