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Sunday, November 2, 2008

November = 4 miles

So somewhere in my crazy head I had decided each month would mean add a mile to my weekend run. This means November brings 4 miles. So yesterday, D and I planned on running. Instead we went to Taco Mac. We intended on going to the Georgia Tech game vs. FSU. We drank lots at Taco Mac. We intended on having a good dinner. We left Taco Mac and went to the liquor store and bought more beer. We were within 4 blocks of Tech campus and never got to the game.

So fast forward to today. We hung out, went to lunch and to the grocery store. Terribly exciting. I got on the computer and mapped out 4 miles, because I didn't feel like going to the track. Although, it would have been an easier run. So I did the hood run, except I added a dreaded hill, and ran 2 other hills twice. This got me to 4 miles. So studying the map, and then I got dressed and got Guinness ready for her "walk." We did the .25 mile warmp and she did her business. Then we returned home to discard her business and start the run. The first mile starts on a downhill and then loops up a hill back down to the front of the subdivision. I then went back up that hill I just had gone up and back to the front of the sd. Then up the hill that I had gone down. Turn and a long hill. There is a loop, so I did that twice. By this point I had gone 1.5 miles. I ran past the German Shepherd house, and the usual routine. The "Friday" house was empty. Actually most people were indoors. Of course I started my run at 4 when the Falcons were on, so this might be why.

I ran past the PitBull House. They scare me; not because they are pits, but because they are viscious. The Rottweiler there is scary too. They all like to show their teeth, and one of the pits that I have seen up close has too many scars for a normal house animal. I think some Michael Vick goes on in that house. Anyway, we got to the school, and ran around the front, and then had to go to the side. On the side of the school there is a park at the bottom of the hill. As Guinness and I ran down the hill, I nearly fell over from the gravity...that's how steep it was.

There were some people in the park with their 4 dogs not leashed...pissed me off. Of course the dogs came over to us, and one of them wasn't nice. I usually just ignore, but one wouldn't leave us alone. It licked my leg, Guinness showed teeth, and I kicked it. This was a total reflex. The people said shit but I said the dog needed a leash. All the while I continued my run. So back out of the park was the dreaded hill, but Guinness and I focused on leaves on the ground to pass. And finally we got to the top. I was so proud of us. The rest of the run was uneventful. When we got home, I leashed up Porter and took her on my post-run cool down walk.

Time: 65:15 (run)

Mileage: 4.06 (16:04 min/mile)

Time: 32:32 (walk)

Mileage: 1 (32:32 min/mile)

Calories: 1125

Max HR 184

Avg HR 153

In Zone 28:58


mommie2lea said...

Awesome run! That pisses me off about the unleashed dogs because it is safer for both them and the people around them if they are on leashes. Accidents can happen.

Congrats on hitting your first November goal!

Carly said...

Great job on the run!

I HATE that when dogs are not leashed.

Kelly said...

Good job Alb! Stupid people not leashing their dogs...

Marcy said...

OMG those dogs would scare me too. YIKES!

Tammy said...

Great run, Al!!

I hate it when people don't have their dogs on a leash. It's bad enough when I run in the country with all the free roaming dogs. I've been followed all the way home more than once.

Viv said...

Great job on that run Al, hell look at that calorie burn...SUWHEET!