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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm here

Random pic of the new favorite, although Guinness is still the best in terms of hangover forgiving.

No, I didn't quit running, and I'm not back in Colorado, and I'm not depressed.

Just busy. If you recall, I had said my knee was bugging me in my last 5K. Well I iced it that night, and on Sunday night, limped around the grocery store. So another day without a 4 miler. Tuesday, I said. Tuesday came and I was still limping.
Ah, I'll wait 'til Saturday.

So Saturday came and D and I had a date. That didn't involve running. It involved eating chili, putting up the Christmas tree and drinking 32 beers (combined, not just me). In all that, I hit my knee on the coffee table. So, more ice.

The table where I hit my knee. And the table that has our beer cans on it from the day's activities.

Sunday, I said I would run after we went to the mall. 20 minutes into the mall festivities, I was limping again. It feels a lot better and I'm hoping to do something on it on Thursday...

And I still have to find my brace.

Oh, think good thoughts...my SIL found another lump.


run4mylife said...

ok, at first I thought that said, "I still need to find my bra"... not "brace" LOL

And, I hope everything is ok with your SIL... I'll be sending happy thoughts your way... and her way. :)

Viv said...

Holy you know what that is a lot of beer on that table. I have missed you Al. I was about to send ya an email to check on you. I am glad you are pretty well and the knee is on the mend. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

I will keep you SIL in my thoughts.

Marcy said...

That's how to roll chica! If you're going to hurt yourself it might as well be doing something fun, right?

paige said...

That's it??

^talking about bear containers LOL

*Feeling self to make sure I still exist and hoping my blogger privliges haven't been revolked due to lack of use*

Sending good thoughts to your SIL!