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Friday, September 12, 2008

New week

So I did indeed lose 1.6 pounds this week, following WeWa. I was not surprised by this, but I was surprised how hard it is for me to follow the plan. It seemed food magically appeared when I wasn't thinking about it.

Worse yet, I haven't had smoked meat for over a week. I'm a bit afraid of this. 2 Times ago, I was doing points, and didn't go to the pizza joint, and they closed. Last time I did points, the Mexican Joint closed. Coincidence? I think not. So hopefully the Fox Bros. has enough patrons besides me that will visit them. And yes, I probably could go there and "do okay." But when you have homemade mac and cheese and white barbecue sauce, and stuffed brisket jalapeno poppers, and Texas fries...points go out the window.

So I'm definitley doing the Run Like Hell 5K. I don't know if Anne is doing it, but my friend Vic (she is the one who did the Century Ride for JDRF) is coming down for the weekend so we can go to the beer festival, and we are going to do this. Anne, get your neighbor to watch C! I guess this means I have to find my running shoes. They are out of the Colorado suitcase, but I'm not sure where they are. I do know where my HRM is, and that is the more important of the two (it would be harder to find, I think).

So this weekend will involve a bike ride and a 2 mile run. Those are my goals. I WILL ACHIEVE THEM!

And to clarify: D does the cooking in our house. He made all the meals for the week.


AKA Alice said...

OK... you can send D over to cook for me instead... :-))

Good luck with the WeWa thing. Fox Bros will be there for ya when you're done (that's not really a WeWa mentality, is it?)

Have fun at the Run Like Hell 5K!

Tammy said...

Yay for the loss!!

*throwing confetti*

I often think the Mexican joint here would go out of business if I stopped going... then I drive by on a Saturday night and it's packed.

I hope Fox Bros survives! :)

Anne said...

We'll keep Fox Bros. in business for you! C loves it! I"m in for the Run Like Hell. Can't wait to do all the hills in the cemetery.