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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Green Bean Made Me Run 2 Miles

Ok, Green Bean (Porter’s new nickname) is driving me insane. First, according to the vet, all dogs love green beans. No, not my dogs. So I have 6 cans of green beans and a dog who after eating 1.5 cups of dog food looks at me with her big eyes, saying, “Mommy, where is the rest?” as she leaves a cup of green beans in her bowl.

So she still isn’t exercising (doctor directed not to) and still panting all night. (maybe I didn’t write about this…oh well.) Her arthritis in her leg hurts which means she has trouble getting up, which causes her to pant, which makes her not able to get up which causes her to pant. And I was a bad mommy and didn’t rub her legs last night.

So at 3 this morning, is when today’s episode began (or when I started hearing it). At 5:40 my alarm went off. Since I had already been up for 2.5+ hours, why not go for a run? D had said he wasn’t getting up that early on his day off, but he was awake too. So we got ready, and off to the track we went.

It was 65 degrees and dark. Such good weather for a run. We did 2 miles. I actually fartleked! Not in the true sense, but at mile 1.5 (lap 6) I wanted to be done, so I would run fast on the straits and run normal on the curves. I did decrease my time on mile 2 from mile 1 by 30 seconds.

We got back and took a quick nap. Then I checked blogs, and got to see a picture of Chris Cooley’s junk. Now I’m a Skins fan, and Chris Cooley is an integral part of the team. But perhaps seeing this part of him not what I should be seeing. (Note…the link takes you to Marcy’s page which has the link to his junk).

Off to work!

Time: 29:50 (run)
Mileage 2 (14:55 min/mile)
Mileage 1 (24.21 min/mile)
Calories: 617
Max HR 189
Avg HR 154
In Zone 10:02


Marcy said...

YAY!! Great job on the fartleks!

OMG I didn't even know who he was. Does he play a lot? All I needed to see was his "area" :P

The Young Family said...

Loved that you fartleked! Is that a verb???? lol.


Haven't been brave to look at the pics yet.... still debating.

J-Mo said...

Okay, when I saw that you fartleked, I thought that must be some combination of farting and gleeking. Thank God for Wiki.