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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Most Fucktastic Run EVER!!!

Time: 49.56 (run)
Mileage: 3 (16:39 min/mile)
Time: 27:19walk
Mileage: 1 (27:19 min/mile)
Calories: ???
Max HR ???
Avg HR ???
In Zone ???

This has to be the most fucktastic run ever. I think I can walk faster than this.
However, it is done. I knew that I was going to be slow 1/4 lap into the 1st 1/4 mile. I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't want to be there. I went with my trusty sidekick Guinness. I looked at her every so often. She walked the ENTIRE time. Bitch! It also didn't help that my HRM strap moved (or my sports bra rode up) and so I didn't collect about 1/2 mile worth of data. Now for most people this isn't a big deal. For the anal one who tracks everything (me), I almost thought that I would need to start all over to track correctly. I still don't know how put it in the WeWa thing.

Oh, and there isn't enough Prozac to compound the PMS I have. D got chewed out yesterday as did the eye doctor, some guy who blocked an entrance to the eye doctor and D had to hold me back as to not go beat up my neighbor. She made a comment about Guinness. Oh NO SHE DINT. D had to convince me not to kill her, and so I went to bed instead. But I still want to go beat her up, just because she is an idiotic bitchy twat. Yes, I said it!

I also mowed the lawn. Now I'm going to take a nap. Green Bean is ready for some Mommy time, since she didn't get to go to the track. Guinness is like, "Stay away from me!"

Happy Saturday to all! I already feel better.


AKA Alice said...

Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing??? A place to rant and rave...I'm pretty sure I never want you to get pissed off at me though...

Glad you didn't punch out the evil twat. That might have been a bad thing...

Do you ever use MapMyRun? I don't wear a HRM, but you can map your run and pace and it'll give you an estimate of calories burned. It won't be dead-on accurate, but it might be better than nada.

Hang in there.

Viv said...

i love that fucktastic! But you fucking did it and I would say 3 ap's for the fucking thing too. OHH hope I don't get in trouble for saying eff one too many times.
Once I get started with that word I can not stop. The 3 is in the books and I still believe that each one of those fucktastic runs make us stronger for the fantastic ones physically and most of all mentally.

Kelly said...

*giggling* @ there isn't enough Prozac to compound the PMS I have!

I feel you sister, I feel ya.

Hey, you got out there and did it right?! That's what counts.

Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) I'm scared to say anything *cowering in the corner*

Hope said...

**passing alb some prozac laced cookies**

Anne said...

At least you got out there! We all have our "off" days, and I know when everything isn't lined up correctly and it just doesn't work. At least you got a few WW points - and you'll be ready to Run Like Hell, I KNOW you will be! On that note, I"m skipping the gym to meet a friend at CPK for lunch.

Tammy said...

So sorry you had such a rough time of it.

But, I can totally feel your frustration. Sounds like nothing went right that day.