Weight I have lost

Thursday, September 18, 2008


For the most part, I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin. I know I'm overweight, and that it affects other parts of my life, so I need to change it. I know exercise and diet help with the whole overweight thing (dare I say fat!), so for the past 18 days I have been doing Points religiously.

I weigh my friggin' chicken before I eat it. I measure out a cup of broccoli, and I don't order anything out that I don't know the points to first. In addition in the last 5 days, I added exercise. 3 times! I upped my intake of water on these exercise journeys by a minimum of 32 oz. (That's I drank at least 4 extra cups to the 10+ I drink a day already).

So I got on the scale this morning, and remembered why I hate Points. Up 2.6 pounds!!! I weigh more now than I did 18 days ago!!!!

This is what I have eaten in the past week:
Thursday: Panera Bagel with 2TBSP of Schmear-yes measured, Shrimp Spring Roll and Wonton Soup, 1 beer, 1 slice of Tomato Pizza, and 1 small Greek Salad with no olives or dressing.

Friday:1 Clif Bar; 1/2 Cup of no sugar applesauce and 1.5 servings of black bean and chicken chilaquiles; 1 Italian Meatball Burger, 2 servings of Simply Potatoe Red Potato Wedges and 7 beers

Saturday: 1 Italian Meatball Burger; 2 oz whole wheat spaghetti, 1/2C Muir Glen Italian herb Pasta Sauce, 1/2 oz of mozzarella cheese; 1 C pork Fried Rice and 6 pork steamed dumplings

Sunday: 1 Einstein sundried tomato bagel with 2 TBSP veggie schmear; 1 C pork Fried Rice; 1 spicy Chicken Sandwich, 1 Elote, 1 Breyers Lite Double churned Ice Cream Bar, 8 oz Gatorade

Monday: 1 Kroger Everything Bagel and 2 TBSP Whipped Cream Cheese; 1 spicy Chicken Sandwich, 1 Elote; 1 slice of Tomato Pizza, and 1 small Greek Salad with no olives or dressing

Tuesday: 1 Kroger Everything Bagel and 2 TBSP Whipped Cream Cheese; 1 Gyro; 1 serving of Shrimp Diablo, 2.5 C Lite Caesar Salad, 1 Breyers Lite Double churned Ice Cream Bar

Wednesday: 1 Kroger Everything Bagel and 2 TBSP Whipped Cream Cheese, 2.5 servings of Gatorade; 1 serving of Shrimp Diablo, 1/2 Cup of no sugar applesauce; 1 Serving of Honey Chipotle Beans, 1 Leg and 1 Thigh Chipotle Barbecued Chicken, 1 Breyers Lite Double churned Ice Cream Bar

I used 21 Free Points.
I earned 15 Activity Points and ate 6.5.

I don't snack. I'm a 3 meals a day person. Always have been.
My workouts were in the morning, afternoon and night.

What I gave up- 2 pieces of pizza, and opted for 1 and a salad TWICE...skipped ice cream social... skipped 2 happy hours...didn't touch the donuts someone brought to work. Yes, I'm having my own pity party.

Any suggestions?!?!?!?!?!?!


Delane said...

Hey Alb I know your frustration.

It seems like your light on the fruits and veggie dept. Maybe sub out the bagels for oatmeal/cereal and milk with fruit. Or eggs and a slice of whole grain toast.

Also maybe a few more veggies added in.

Also, are you getting all your dairy?

Diario de Elysia said...

Sorry Alb, no suggestions cuz I am in the smae boat right now!

Hang in there girlie!

Susan (aka Suba) said...

Alb, I SWEAR we were separated at birth. You know I can totally relate.

What about adding more complex carbs, like wheat breads, whole wheat pastas and sweet potatoes.

Also, I'm with Duck about switching up your breakfast. How about some Kashi Cereal w/milk and a banana, or a whole wheat english muffin w/a TSP of PB and a glass of milk, or some slow cooked oatmeal with a piece of fruit.

Have you tracked your sugars? I really try not to eat anything that has more than 10g of sugar per serving (except natural sugars).

What about adding more fresh fruits and veggies. Apples are a great source of fiber and they're filling and you have to chew a lot so it makes it seem like you're eating more LOL.

Also, where is your dairy? Milk, String Cheese, Baby Bells, Laughing Cow, cottage cheese, yogurts.....

Marcy said...

I have no suggestions but I hate my body as well *sigh* I'm still waiting for it to morph into a 19 y.os LOL

Anne said...

I'm in the same boat so I don't have too many suggestions, except how is the sodium in all that? That will retain that water you're drinking. I appreciate everyone else's comments especially the fruits and veggies, they are so easily left out!

Carly said...

No advice as I am just now joining you on the wagon. Hang in there.

AKA Alice said...

GAH...I haaaaate dieting. I feel like I have to absolutely STARVE myself to loose a LB...so I'll be on the bandwagon that says, "I don't get it either."

This is what I do know. That when I'm active, I feel better. So I've decided I could just give a flyin'-flip about my weight and just feel OK about myself by bein' active... And then when the weekend comes, I have a bev or two...

Can ya tell I've already had a couple?

The Young Family said...

Wish I had a wonderful reason for you that you gained instead of lost.... I will say for you #%#$%&#%&!! that sucks!