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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rolling on the Floor

So I'm supposed to be making a grocery list. I have 2 days planned so far (meat loaf and lasagna pasta). Oh well.

So my foam roller came Wednesday. I immediately tried it out. OK, don't try one of these out in bare feet on a wood floor. My feet slid out from under me, I looked ridiculous, and I couldn't stop laughing. Somehow I rolled on the floor for about 4 minutes, laughing the entire time.

Saturday D and I went to the gym. I told him how long I planned to be there, and he planned his run accordingly. After my .5 mile warmup, I started running. I ran for 8 minutes, and then back to a walk for 2 minutes. Next I ran for 6 minutes. My first mile was 14+ minutes. The second mile was a little harder. I was having some issue breathing. My HR was 190. I had to walk for about 3 minutes just to get it down. Every time I ran it went up to 185. So I backed off a little more. I finally finished 3 miles in 42 minutes. So while running, I noticed 2 things...I'm afraid to speed up because I'm afraid my leg will give out (forget hurting, I'm afraid it will just buckle...irrational fear (I hope)). The second thing...what was up with my HR? Was the heat outside affecting inside? I don't know. But getting myself to agree to slow down is very difficult...even when I can't breathe. So the 2 things make me conclude I'm nuts.

After a .5 mile cool down (I got my HR to 160), I stretched and got it to 120. Then we went home. I rolled around on the floor with sneakers. OMG! I thought I was going to die with the roller. It hurt so bad. I got 3 rolls in before I was dying. I tried 2 more times, and then I went and showered.


Delane said...

My h/r is usually high my first mile. Then it evens out. I usually don't wear my hrm when I run, I use perceived exertion since I don't have heart issues.

My hr was also higher when I started back this year.

Lisa said...

HR monitors don't work very well for me because of my heart arrythmia, but I do know that the first 10-15mins or so my heartrate skyrockets. Then it comes back down. I think you might need to give it some time to level out perhaps

Julie said...

I just recently got a foam roller too! I'm really thinking it makes a huge difference! However, like you I keep seeming to fall off the thing and look like a complete fool. But hey, who's watching? :)

Elizabeth said...

Depending on the kind of HRM that you have, you may also have problems with other HRM monitors around you especially in a gym setting so it may take 10 - 15 mins for yours to pick up a very good signal. But really, even when your numbers are high do a talk test, if you feel fine continue on but take very deep full breaths and see if you can bring your HR down.

Leah said...

I think the culprit in your heart rate is that you're running has been really sporadic since your leg started to hurt you. Maybe your body has gotten comfortable a slight more sedate level? (sorry) I thin it will even out as you get back into your running. As much as I hate them, the ellipticals and ArcTrainers in the gym may hurt you less than the weight-bearing treadmill runs.