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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bastille Day Came and Went

So yesterday was Bastille Day. I haven't exercised. I didn't exercise.

OK, well, let's back up.
Work started Monday. I sit in the SE corner of the floor. The Bathroom, printer, and soda machine/water fountain are all on the NW corner. Not to mention HR is on the 6th floor (take the stairs) and IT is on the first floor (I used the elevator). So every time I sat down, my hip hurt. But every time I walked, my hip felt good.

Tuesday, Aleve upset me lots, so there were lots of trips to the NW corner and back. Except for the drive home, the hip felt good.

Yesterday, I wouldn't even know I had a hip issue. Same with today.

So I'm going shopping on Saturday with B and M. Not a 5 hour...more like 2 tops. Work is business casual. But more business than casual. So I'm ironing everyday, and cargoes and jeans are a no go. And the zillions of black pants I own are all too small since I haven't worn them since 2004 (packrat). So I'm going with 5 pairs of pants 3 polos, and 4 oxfords. Fridays I can wear jeans, so yay!

I'm going to try the gym on Sunday. Not sure yet doing what.

I lost .7 pounds this week, but still didn't lose the July 4th weight. D on the other hand hit 51 pounds lost.


Delane said...

Glad the hip is better.

Julie said...

Glad the hip is better! Sounds like you are off to a good start at work, yea for having a job!

Tammy said...

Good luck with the shopping!
Glad to hear the hip is feeling better.