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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bastille Day is coming

Bastille Day is coming and I don't think I'll be running.
In fact, as of now I'm not running, biking or swimming.

D and I went shopping last weekend. I'm a once-a-year shopper, so it is usually 5-6 hours. And this trip was no different. Except around hour 4 I was uncomfortable, but trudged through it. Ice and Aleve and 8 days later, and my hip is still in pain. So I can't run or bike. And swimming, well walking to the pool (it is in the middle of the park so no parking), is a no go.

So adjusting Sparkpeople, I can eat 500 calories less. I am so bummed. I'm hoping my doctor will give me a cortizone shot (once I get insurance), and not deal with the MRI, the PT, and all that. Because I can't sleep either. So I'm a complete grouch.

First day of work tomorrow. So I can find out if insurance starts tomorrow or August...I can't remember how long before it kicks in.


Lisa said...

sorry about your hip issue. i hope insurance kicks in so you can do something for it.

i got a cortisone shot in my knee and while it does help, it doesn't address the root cause of the problem, so at this point I'm not sure if I'm a fan of cortisone shots or not..

mommie2lea said...

Good luck tomorrow, and I hope that you love your new job. I'm so sorry to hear that the hip is still an issue, and I hope you figure it out soon and get back to feeling like yourself.