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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I will Study at Some Point

So I'm supposed to be studying reliability.
Instead, today, I made the dogs cookies. Guinness liked them this morning. Tonight, not so much.

The cookies

Guinness eating a giant Yoda Cookie (made from a pancake mold)

I also took a nap.
I also went on a run.
I also painted my toe nails.
I also made dinner.
So, it is almost 8pm and I haven't cracked the book.
Oh, and I have watched the Psych Marathon and am now on the repeat loop.

So HR answers...I keep a towel on the treadmill, and only looked when I was having trouble catching air. Then I couldn't get it down.
I use a Polar. It wasn't messing with anyone else's because there was no one else there.

So I ran Tuesday. 2 miles. I can run 1 mile without stopping but I get out of breath. Really, I'm not running fast so I don't get it. I did stop 3 times. My HR wouldn't drop from the 180s.

Today I ran 3 miles. I ran 15 minutes and then walked 2 minutes. My HR dropped to 155 from 185. I ran 3 minutes at 4.7 mph, then 4.4 and 4.5. Walked 2 more minutes. HR dropped to 165 from 185. Then I ran 5.o, 4.9 and 4.8 mph each 1 minute. Then 4.3 for 2 minutes, then finished at 4.5. Ran 3 miles at 41.04. So slow from a few months ago. It is a bit discouraging. But my HR is recovering faster, so that is good.

I also walked 1 mile (.5 before and .5 after), stretched the leg for 5 minutes, and rolled for 2 minutes. The rolling doesn't hurt at all now.

Work is good. I'm liking what I'm doing. I don't like getting gussied up (to me) every day. My makeup is making my face look like a 16 year old (Bare Minerals). I can hear my friend B chuckling, because when we went shopping she was getting cleaner, and was like, "You use Dial to wash your face?" That's probably it. I also haven't worn this much makeup since I was about 16.

Almay Mascara
is rocking...No flakes, and no bothering my eyes. Covergirl (don't know what kind)was bugging them after using CG for 20+ years, and they discontinued Covergirl Marathon.

And finally Gatorade, I have a plus and a minus for you. I'll start on the negative so I end on a positive note. Really, I don't like these stage drinks, since I always drink G2 and now keep accidentally pick up Gatorade Stage 2 thinking it is G2. Really, your marketing department gets a BIG FAIL on that.

But the Lemon-Lime and Strawberry Stage 2 is excellent. It tastes like margarita mix. I was drinking it on my walks and couldn't figure out why I had the urge to sit on a patio and eat chips and salsa. Then the light bulb went off. So great job on the taste.


Lisa said...

I don't wear makeup because I'm allergic to everything, but i was thinking of trying bare minerals

Aka Alice said...

I use Bare Minerals, but I also wash with Philosophy and use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide so that I don't look like a 16 year old...it's been a lifelong battle for me (sigh).

Glad you're running again. (yay!)