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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yay! Week 1 is Done!!!!

So yesterday, I had a 30 minute bike ride on my agenda. Not wanting to drive 40 minutes to a path, I decided I would go near the gym, because they have Share the Road streets. I was a bit nervous because the area had a few hills. What's 30 minutes though? Compared to last year where I avoided hills at all cost, I was feeling a bit proud of myself.

So off I went. I went up the first hill. No problem, Gears 2-4. Down the road and a concrete truck pulled out so I had to turn or crash into him (I was wearing a fluorescent green shirt, so I was visible). Anyway by turning, I turned onto the street where the concrete trucks fill up, also next to the track. So I went to the track parking lot. There is an incline (but not a hill), so I practiced standing up and pedaling. I was able to do it. All proud of myself (again), I assessed concrete trucks and none were coming out of their depot, so I could go down the street. I got back on the main street, and decided to tackle the hill past the school. I got up it in Gears 2-4, and a bit of standing up. When I got to the top, I noticed I was no longer on Share the Road, so I decided to turn around. Down the hill and up. No concrete trucks. Shit, a red light. Ok, I stopped. Started again, and the incline started. Switched into 2-3 and then 1-3. Pedals locked up. So back to 2-3. Still standing I got to the All Way Stop. I had to turn because construction past the stop would have me go on the road, and drivers aren't nice in that area (probably because the drivers are driving stolen cars and trying to get away...at least according to 'hood crime reports). So, I turn around, and went back to the light, and took a right. Crossed the Interstate and went to the end of the road and turned. On the way back, I decided to explore a neighborhood. I passed the light (green), signaled with my arm I was going to make a left and got in the turn lane (also knowing no one was immediately behind me...there was a car now stopped at the light). I couldn't make the left immediately because a car coming, so I waited. Then someone honked at me, flipped me off and told me to get out of the road, because apparently I was in Her Highnesses way. I flipped back. Then turned. I practiced 2 more hills and then went back to the car. I only rode 4 miles in 30 minutes, but was all happy with my progress. I was so excited to see my hills on Google Earth.

Yeah, I don't know where the hills are either.

In the afternoon, I went swimming. I swam 100 more meters in 30 minutes (900 instead of 800m) this time. I'm playing with my breathing and stroke, at the moment.

Today I ran 8 miles. It was 72 when I left. It was 82 when I got back. I can honestly say these 8 miles were harder than running the KY Derby Half Marathon. I was drenched. The last 2 miles I made a lot of deals with myself that involved walking. Hence the last 2 miles were 18 minutes each. I ran around Grant Park. I'm not sure how I liked it. It was too damn hot/humid to think about anything else (yes, I ran with water, passed my car and got Gatorade, and stopped and got some chocolate milk).

So I finished up Triathlon Training Week 1


Lisa said...

Great job with week #1

RockStarTri said...


That there is a boat load of training. Good job!

One of the best bike workouts that I do is "easy on a hard course." Find a hilly route (seems like you did that already) and just ride it easy. You wind up doing more work than you plan and it makes you stronger.

Aka Alice said...

I see the hills on your bike route! :-)

I absolutely HATE riding when there are cars around.

Julie said...

Great training!!!!

Delane said...

congrats babe. You doing awesome. Really really freakin' awesome.

SeeGirlRun said...

Hey, that's terrific! You overcame all kinds of firsts. Driver's in GA suck. And in Ohio. Sorry Buckeyes. And the weather her is killing me too. When's it gonna improve? I ran 3.4 miles today and sweated for another 1 1/2 afterwards. 74 degrees and 95% humidity. Yick!


mommie2lea said...

Wow, I was tired just reading about your week! Great job with Week 1!