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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What the Hell Happened?

So Thursday started out wonderfully. I got on the scale. 2.5 pounds down. 20.3 total. Yes 5 years it took, but 20 pounds gone! I went biking. On the way, a recruiter called. While disappointed it was not the job I had interviewed with a week prior, it sounded good. The guy said he would email me, verified my email, and we hung up. Now since I was in the car with no pen, I didn't get his name or email. Whatever. So I went biking. A new harder hill route. At one point, I was thinking, Push, push, push!" As I passed a construction worker who was laughing, I realized I wasn't thinking so much as talking out loud. Anyway, he kept yelling at me that I was almost to the top of the hill. When I reached the top, he yelled, "You did it. Way to go! Be proud." I was feeling proud.

Got home and no email from recruiter man. D had been out of town for 2+days, and I was lonely. I was throwing up, my hip hurt, I was convinced the Aleve was making me sick or I was knocked up (and afraid to verify), SB wouldn't poop. Around 7 I went to the garage to take my bike off my car. I noticed D's car had a flat tire. Geez! I came back upstairs, and SB was eating G's food. I pushed him away and bent to get the bowl. He bit me. Although I didn't hit him, he pretty much was terrified of my wrath. With that, I grabbed my wallet and gave in to a Sonic Float. I came home, ate it, and cried. I texted D what I thought of his job and cried. I now had severe cramps. Guess what...not knocked up. But still afraid of the vomiting meant no meds.
And I cried. That made SB curious so he got in bed and licked my tears. And I fell asleep. I woke up with 4 ticks on me at 4AM. Great. Now I was itching and couldn't sleep. How does a person who despises the outside, who has 2 dogs who don't go outside, and who live in a metro city get ticks? (HOA's pinestraw which will soon be doused in Sevin). So at 6, pups were clamoring to go outside. I got up, and fell down the stairs. At this point, I thought about killing myself, but it seemed I would fuck that up too. I waited until 1045, and we went to the vet for G's monthly weighing. In one month down 4 pounds. So she has lost 20 pounds in a year. This made me sob. Rather than talk to the doctor about how I have no money to see what is wrong with her, we left, and drove to SC.

We live 100 miles away from GA/SC border. 2.5 hours later we hit that border. We stopped once (well twice--Exxon and McDonalds off the same exit) and there was no construction or accidents. I did have a fight with a lady at McDonalds. I was running in to use the facilities. 90 seconds at the most. She yelled as I was going in that she was calling the police on me for leaving my dogs in the car. Seriously...

I just looked at her and said, "Seriously? I mean seriously? Fuck you! No, fuck you. You know what lady, fuck you!" Well being that I was in UGA country (BFE) with my GT car (who am I kidding...all of GA is UGA country), and my luck was just so stellar...I knew the cop had to be across the street and would beat my 90 second pee break, that I got back in the car and left.
As I crossed the border, I called my brother and requested beer to be cold when I got there. G and I decided we deserved a Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich. We found a CFA 2 miles off the interstate and when we got back on the interstate we were 2 miles South of where we got on. And don't waste your time on the Spicy Chicken. It sucked. I too can make a Spicy Chicken Sandwich by dousing chicken with red pepper. Doesn't mean it is tasty. By comparison, Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich rocks. Anyway Guinness liked the sandwich better than I did. So she ate more of it. We finally got to my dad's (5 hours for 230 miles).

Are we there yet?

So because I slept through the entire drive, I didn't get Chick-Fil-A?

I had to run to the Bi-Lo for Zucchini, Cilantro and Green Onions. The express lane was out the wazzoo, so I used self-checkout. Apparently, Bi-Lo doesn't use produce recognition, so the attendant had to put every thing in. Total $2.40. I put in $3. Computer said I put in $2. So, now a manager had to come over and verify I put in $3. Leaving, the attendant gave me my change. Why couldn't anything be easy? It wasn't until I was in the parking lot did I realize I took someone else's change from the self-checkout in addition to the change from the attendant. Oh well@

So, my dad came in from his friend's and asked me how I was. Let the flood gates open. There were sobs. And I don't mean the glamorous Hollywood crying sobs. I mean the hyperventilating, can't breathe, loud, snot-pouring-out-the-nose wails. So loud, I didn't hear the cell phone ring. Anyway, I finished the pasta salad, cleaned up a little, and we went back to his friend's. I listened to my cell phone voice mail as we crossed the street.

That job from over a week ago...I got an offer. Go me.


Kendra said...

congratulations on getting the job! wow what a day. the construction worker is awesome. aleve hurts my stomach if i take it regularly.

Aka Alice said...

What a suck day... So glad it kinda seems that it ended ok.?!?! I hope so.

BTW... I had something called a Kona Red Fire Ale today (I think you know I don't drink much beer...I think that was it was) and thought of you since I was being so adventurous! I liked it!

Carly said...

What a day!!!!! That has to go down as probably one of the shittiest. But I am glad there was a happy ending. Congrats on the new job! Iam excited to hear about it.

mommie2lea said...

Congrats on the job offer! Thank goodness your day ended that way... what a crap day. :(

Julie said...

Wow....you need a hug! Keeping my fingers crossed on the job offer and that things turn around for you!

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Yeay on the job offer AND on the 20lbs. It's okay to be a little emo from time to time. Pretty much all pain medicine screws up my digestive tract for months if I take it regularly. This, in turn, screws up my eating, which screws up my hormones.

Tammy said...

Warning: I'm a huge optimist, but I'll try to bypass the whole silver lining, everything happens for a reason speech.

Oops, too late.

Yay!!! Job!!! Now, you'll be able to get Guinness checked out. And yourself.


Delane said...

yeah your life has been sucking pretty bad as of late, but yeah on the job.

Leah said...

What a day!! I'm so sorry, this has really been such a shitty year for you so far. I like to think all the bad stuff just piled up in the 1st half and then rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine are on from now until December.

One can hope.

Beer suggestion for today: Triangle Belgian.

RockStarTri said...

You going to take the job?

Lisa said...

one crazy bad day, but a good ending...congrats on the job offer