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Friday, June 11, 2010

No Laundry

I will not be doing anyone else's laundry, no matter how much you beg.
Our washing machine is broken, so I have to take all of the laundry out when it is ready to spin. Then turn on the spin cycle, let it start and throw the clothes in , while praying the clothes don't spit back at me, don't get out of the washer (I know socks have gone through to the neverland of the washer) and the washer doesn't make horrible noises or the front doesn't come apart from the rest of it...all while smelling the motor burning. And then all the extra water that was collected in the bin where the clothes went when I took them out of the machine...to the bathtub. So clearly, I LOVE doing laundry.

I so need a job, so I can buy a purse...or a washing machine...

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Delane said...

LOL that sucks. We have a front loader so we don't have that option, when ours goes (knock on wood) it will go.

Oh I hate laundry which is why I let our cleaning lady do it every other week. Toilets and Laundy...HATE HATE HATE them.