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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A week in Review

So I'm still counting down to Bastille Day.

Last Thursday, I skipped my workouts due to a 5 hour interview (still haven't heard back yet). Friday was my typical hill bike ride. I have a hill I picked out to eventually get up (like next week). Friday afternoon, I was to meet B for Happy Hour but I felt sick and went to bed at noon and woke up at 5. I blamed my nauseousness on the Aleve I've been taking and cursing.

Saturday was an hour on the elliptical. D came with me and ran for an hour on the treadmill. I found the personal trainer who is super nice (but I don't pay for) has bursitis and was a professional cyclist before she got Ovarian Cancer. She and one of her trainees are doing a Sprint Tri in August. She can't run more than 3 miles since she has bursitis and has broken her pelvis in 3 places (I don't know/didn't ask if they were related). Afterward, D and I went to Dick's to exchange a tent, and to Target because D needed a smaller belt. Actually he needs smaller clothes, but that'll come. We came home and watched Sherlock Holmes and Men who Stare at Goats. Both cute; neither Oscar worthy. B texted me about the lake on Sunday. I said I would go. However this put a big screw up to my bike riding on Sunday.

Sooo, at 630AM on a Sunday, I was out the door to the path to get in a 105 minute bike ride. Started at 7AM. It was about 80 and super humid. Mostly bikers (Get Fit Atlanta, Bimbo (pronouned Beembo) and Team BMW (maybe)) were out. Compared to them, I was recreationally riding. I got to 9+ miles. My ass hurt badly. On the way back the ride from miles 9-12 are uphill (if you want to be technical. It looks flat, but when your ass hurts and you are tired, they are up hill). I finally got back to the car. On my way home, I called B. Still leaving at 10. Got home and got ready and left.

About 20 minutes into the drive, she calls and tells me she only has 3 beers (can't get beer on Sunday in GA). That was fine, but I realized I didn't pack water, so I'll have to stop. So finally I got there a little after 11.. The lake is like a bathtub. And it is only June!!! Anyway, I left after 6 hours.

Because I have some stuff to do at the end of this week, I scrunched all my tri training into the beginning of the week. It is week 4 of tri training, so a taper, if you will.
Monday, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes swimming. I swam my 400M in 11:41. That's the fastest I've ever swum (or swam!)! Yesterday I went 60 minutes on my bike. Pretty fast. 11mph. I started to wonder if I had a road bike how much faster I would be. But my hybrid is fine. I should learn to ride hills before thinking about a new bike (or get a job!).

Today was a 35 minutes elliptical and another 20 minute swim. Nowhere as fast as Monday. Tomorrow 45 minute bike ride and then I'm done. Woohoo!

SB has resumed walking normally sort of, except now he doesn't remember obedience. Treats and losing my temper are going hand in hand. He just loves to dart and pull my shoulder. Last week he pulled me down on my hip. I threatened him and D that I was taking him back to the pound. So treats were pulled back out to teach him to walk on a leash (which he knew until a month ago). Crazy dog!

I have not been the greatest patient. The Aleve caused my stomach great pains which then set off my ulcer that has been dormant for 2 years. So I'm constantly sick to my stomach and won't take the Aleve. Advil seems to be better, and Aldi sells generic for $2/120 pills. I am icing and staying off the treadmill. Oh how I miss it. I'm thinking about "The Stick" or a foam roller for the hip. Haven't decided.

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