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Monday, June 13, 2011

Will I be Last?

So about 6 weeks ago, I decided I was running a 10K this coming Saturday. Fresh off the half-marathon, it would be no issue.  I wanted a faster time, so I printed out Hal Higdon's 10K Intermediate Training.  I achieved one week, and then fell out of it.  D and I lifted for 3 weeks until I noticed lifting really hurt my hip.  So we stopped.  Then we just got busy/burned out. Neither of us wanted to run what Mr. Higdon had on the schedule.  We didn't care.  Then as we watched McMenamin destroy the house more and more each day, we played with him and Scuttlebutt more and more.

The plan went out the window.  Last weekend I ran 7 miles. It was hard. It was hot out and the humidity sucked.  This past week, I got up at 5 and ran with McM.  We ran 4 miles and 2 miles.  At the gym, I ran 2 miles in 23 minutes. With McM, I ran it in 32 minutes.  4 miles was over an hour.  Surely it was just him, right?  Never mind it was 70+ degrees at 5AM.

So this Saturday we had 8 miles on tap.  I told D I hated running with McM.  I was walking SB when I decided I would take him 2 miles and then go home, get some water and run 4 more miles (yes, I had already decided to skip 2 of the miles).  So SB and I ran, sans his Gentle Leader.  He did decently.  We only had to yell at one asshole, who had his dog on a retractable leash and wouldn't retract it away from SB (as I'm running on the grass across the street).  I stopped and told him to get the fuck away from us.  At 730am, I'm sure this is not the first thing he wanted to hear, but stop being stupid.  We had to skip a little of our path, as 2 big dogs (D said 3) were loose, so we had to run on the main road on the sidewalk (not good with a bad hip).  Finally we got home.  29 minutes.  McM was already home. 

I dropped SB off and grabbed some water and then went and did 2 more miles.  Up to Stolen Car Apartments, to the Prison, and back into the subdivision.  Faster miles still.  Went back up to Stolen Car Apartments. The old men who drink beer are not crazy so they weren't outside.  I decided I didn't want to run up Nemesis Hill, so I ran on the street by the prison.  I got honked at and told to run on the sidewalk.  I went down a new road, and it was a hill.  Finished that road and back to Prison Road to German Shepherd Pass. 

Ok, I'll turn and do another mile.  So I ran to Terrorist Dog Hill. They were out (I hadn't seen them all year). They are still Terrorists.  I didn't see the roaming dogs.  I skipped Needle Hill and Bellsouth Hill, and Friday Hill, and just ran the part of the path I had skipped earlier.  OK back around, and only .4 clicks (a tenth of a mile) to 6, so I ran up Needle and Bellsouth. Skipped Friday.  I finished up and was back at German Shepherd Pass, when I didn't feel like running down Nemesis Hill.  My shirt was heavy.  I was getting slower and slower.  I was pretty sure I can walk faster, but oh well. So I ran back on Prison Road.  My time to Mile 7 was way off and I needed to walk so I walked (on the sidewalk) until I got to a down power line, and then started back on the road.  I eventually reached the subdivision again, and finished up the 8th mile.  I was drenched, although I noticed I was no longer sweating.

According to Wunderground, the humidity was 68%, 72 degrees when I started.

So I have no idea what to expect for my 10K.  Not a PR, that is for sure.

In other news, I found a new beer store. It is a convenience store with a cellar.  The guy seems knowledgeable about beer.  And I tried another new local...Jailhouse Mugshot IPA.


Becca said...

I don't know why, but I find I do better with Hal's Novice schedules (currently doing the 15K one). I'm not a novice runner, so I've come to the conclusion that it's either because 1) I have a mental block of some sort, and/or 2) his Novice schedules allow for a lot more flexibility and cross training, which I just need, bottom line.

When I read your running posts, I have this map in my head that I've created out of your landmarks. It looks something like a JRR Tolkien middle earth drawing, complete with Orcs, Elves, and dogs :)

Lisa said...

Best wishes with the 10K. Try to have fun with it!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I'm not sure I would go into a convenience store cellar, even for beer! I think I used to have nightmares about the hardware store cellar though. I think it involved a clown.

Delane said...

You'll do great!!