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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K Report

So as of Friday night at bedtime, I had no clue where I was doing this race.  Saturday morning as I lay in bed, McM decided we should all lay on Dad.  So as we all laid across D, and he cursed us for elbows in the kidneys, McM got excited and hit me in the eye.  Claw mark across the eyelid and down the cheek.  This went with the claw mark on my pelvis and another one in my armpit (yep I look like a French woman and smell like a French man due to open flesh!) that he achieved by jumping on me at 3am Thursday am.

So I begrudgingly got up, and got ready for a run. D had already said he was taking McM, so I decided to take SB. So I solved where I was running. Now for how long?  Was it going to be 2 and drop off? Was it going to be 5K and quit.  I just didn't know.

After everyone had a poop break, SB and I were off.  Up German Shepherd Pass, up Terrorist Dog Hill.  STOP... Oh SB you have to poop again?  But I'm wearing spandex. I don't have another bag.  Oh wait, I wouldn't pick that up anyway.  Leaves with condoms and God knows what else.  It is natural.  It will disintegrate.  Good job for picking that spot!

Off again.  Drug Hill, Bell South Hill and Friday Hill.  1 Mile in 14:30 minutes.  Not too shabby for SB.  Chased a squirrel, and back to the school.  Coming up on 2 miles and how was SB doing.  OK.  Not too hot.  We ran back up Terrorist Dog Hill and then he decided he had enough.  So it looked like 2 miles. So we ran down Nemesis Hill and he pepped up.  Meanwhile I was cursing McM for all the claws.  All the salt from my sweat was dripping into the claw marks and my pelvis, armpit and face were on fire.  While I was cursing him, we passed D and McM, so that didn't help.  It hurt to blink.  We ran over to the Stolen Car Hill and SB was still going strong.  Up to the prison, and back to Stolen Car Hill.  Then he started running funky because 2 dogs had spotted us and he was looking for them.  He did a little strut too.  So we turned around and the "scary dogs" saw me, and ran away.  SB pulled hard to run for one of them.  I'm a mean mommy and wouldn't let him go. Back down the hill, and still strong.  45:00 for 3.11 miles.  Dare we go .89 more?

What say you, Scuttlebutt?  As he pulled me down the hill, it was clear we were going .89 more.  We got to the turn and he stopped.  Just walked.  So we walked about 3 feet, and then he was good to go and we got up to the cul-de-sac.  There is a lot of grass, so we had to sniff all the grass.  We got up to the top of the CDS hill and more grass.  More sniffing.  Finally he was good with all the sniffing and we had .4 to go.  So we ran down the hill and to the front of the subdivision.  Then we were done.  I took his Halti off and put the leash on his collar.  Was he tired?  Nope, he pulled all the way up the hill to the house. When we got inside though, he acted like he had never run at all.  Huffing and puffing and getting Dad to get water and such a little actor.

But he is a cute one.

Scuttlebutt and McMenamin lounging, watching TV, drinking and sleeping while D and I work all day


Carolina John said...

Cool! Sounds like a fun 5k. Those dog claw marks sound scary though.

Lisa said...

Nice job with the 5K

The dog photo at the end of your post sort of reminds me of what I find when I get home from work (and technically, my dogs are not allowed on the couch!)

K∆┼ said...

Lol...sounds like quite the adventure!!

Adam said...

Nice work!! Thanks so much for running. For some reason the name scuttlebutt makes me giggle. :)

Aka Alice said...

Love your dogs kicking back on the sofa...I always wondered what dogs did all day when their owners are out working.

Delane said...

Addison will only run about 1 miles then she is done, unless I have a ball..then she will run FOREVER!