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Friday, June 24, 2011

When Running with D

So I managed 2 of 3 runs this week (so far). 

I ran after work on Tuesday.  I was still feeling eh about the whole 10K, but changed my clothes at work and drove to the gym (my gym doesn't have locker rooms).  On the way there, I got stuck in traffic on the Connector. So for once, I looked around (I typically drive with blinders on).  The man on the side of me was fine.  Like mouth fall to the floor fine.  He was in a convertible. He had broad shoulders that fit the tan leather seats very well. His face was smooth.  He had a strong jaw line.  He said something to me.  So I rolled down the window, and he says, "Yes, it is me."  I said, "I don't know who you are. You are just hot."  With that, his lane starts moving, and I see he is driving a Ferrari (no vanity tags).  He is driving towards the Ted. So I go to the gym and relay the story to D (who is already at the gym). He thinks it was Jason Heyward, although he would have been late seeing as he was on the Connector at 5:20 and game time was at 7:10. I looked at pictures, but he has shit on his chin in the pictures. But he is the only Brave that is dark enough and wide enough to be him (the Braves have A LOT of white players on their team...I hate baseball so I had no idea of this).  But it could have just been a fine, rich black man. 

Anyway, so I decide to run the first of my 3 miles faster than normal.  Then oh, let's see if I can do one more.  I got to 27 minutes at 5.2 mph before wanting to die, and ran the total 3 miles at 35:15.  I ran fast because D had already left and was making dinner (leftovers).  So I didn't want to keep him waiting.

Wednesday, I changed but traffic was a mess.  So I just went home.  At 730, I didn't want to run. D said "C'mon. It is only 2 miles."  So off we went.  Since we were in the same car, I knew he would be waiting on me, so I decided to go fast again.  This time at 5.3.  I thought I was going to die.  But I did it.  22:45 (I run the first 2 minutes at 4.9 to get acclimated to the machine).  I did my walking after but not the stretches.  That was because we had to hurry home to watch Franklin and Bash.

Thursday, at work, I led a meeting. The PM asked if I was on something (in so many words), because my eyes wouldn't focus, I lost my train of thought in the meeting 3 times (in 30 minutes), and I couldn't read something.  Basically I was so exhausted, I could barely sit up, let alone function.  So the 3 miler has been pushed to Sunday.  I did go home and sleep 11 hours. 

I was going to find a race to run the Sweat your Thorns Off 5K, but the only one I could find starts at 830.  WAY TOO HOT/HUMID BY THEN. So the SYTO5K will be done either at the gym or very slowly with a dog. 


Christina said...

Sleep for 11 hours? Wow! I want that!
You must have been really tired!

Aka Alice said...

"I don't know who you are. You are just hot." ...just the best line EVER!

And all I got this week was a nerdly guy in a florescent pink hat...

RockStarTri said...

That happens to me all the time but my convertible has black leather interior so it wasn't me. Yes, it is a burden but I think I handle it well.

So did you.


Tammy said...

LOL! that you relayed your hot guy in the Ferrari story to D. :)