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Friday, May 28, 2010

Week in Review

So I'm alive. I just haven't run.
I ran 8 miles on Saturday, and forgot to write about it.

On Monday, I got up at 530AM to meet a invisi-friend who had a layover at the airport. Yay, she is no longer an invisi-friend. However, while sitting on the couch, my back started spasming. I thought it was that one where you just move your back to get it feeling good again...nope. By the time I got to the airport, my back hurt. After visiting with friend, I went to the grocery. At Kroger, I had to get employees to help me shop because I couldn't bend over and I couldn't lift my arms.
(Aldi savings in $91+ to date). So to make my back feel better, I fell asleep on the couch Monday night. By Tuesday, I couldn't walk. I felt stupid for hurting my back by sitting on the couch. So besides walking SB and G-dog individually on Tuesday and Wednesday, laying in bed is about all I did.
Thursday, SB decided that at 2AM he needed a walk. At 5 when D left for work, he whined. So I walked him at 6, 7 and 8. Nada. Still whined. At 10 I tried to get more sleep than the 3 hours from 2-5. No, SB had to check the bed, scratch the door, go outside, come back in, go out, come in, whine. 11 and 2 I walked him again. Nothing. At 3 he went on the deck. I was officially done with him.

Today we baked. Well, I baked and SB caught stuff on the floor. We made cookies, scones and cupcakes. SB did trip me when I was carrying iced cupcakes. One fell on the floor. He got it before I did.

So that was the exciting week.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend, and take a second to give thanks to those troops that gave you the freedom to think the way you do (if you are American)!


Delane said...

at least you had a reason for not running, I didn't run out of laziness.

mommie2lea said...

I am thinking that was not an accidental trip. Truthfully, I may have tripped you for a delicious cupcake, but I digress....

Hope your back is feeling better.