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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Talking about Carly

So Carly posted the annoying asshat rant. If you run, of course you have heard something along those lines or those in her comments section.

Can I say how annoying it is? Was I this way, I wonder? Probably. More so for the triathlon, because I thought there was only one length in triathlons before I started getting friends who were getting into them and stuff.

But intelligent Americans who are getting 10Ks and 10miles mixed up (because we embraced the metric system so well, here). Or the "how long is this marathon you are running?" Do you correct the person or no? I don't know. If the person is your grandmother and she is 85 then probably not, but if it is a co-worker, isn't it your job to help them make themselves less stupid so they are better to work with (unless you want them fired...then sabotage!)?

In other news, the only motivation I have to run is because I spent the money for the gym, so I should use the membership. But I didn't achieve a long run last week, moreso because I got way too drunk from nervous drinking (going to a party and knowing I had to see someone I did not want to see (BFF's XFH)). Also BFF's XFH brought beer, so there was question on whether I would drink HIS beer (not from BFF). Of course! I figured out he was drinking Guinness so I drank 2 to his every 1, so he would have to switch to the crap he bought (he brought crap and 8 Guinness). Soooo, D had to drive me home. We decided to go see our friend and the drive home involved a cab. Sunday was not pretty for the first few hours I was awake. :)

Shopping at Aldi netted another $11 save ($67.82 total). While at Kroger, someone called for a job interview. Yay.

So last week, I got 13 miles run and 3 miles walked. So far I got my 5 miler in.

D and I are talking about races. We think a 10K in June, a tri in Aug or a 5K (same day, and we annually do the 5K), the tri in Sept, and maybe a half in Sept. I think it depends on the job front.
The Aug Tri and Sept Tri would require hotels.

Oh and my friend told me her MIL sent her husband a check for 10K. I, for the life of me, couldn't figure out why the MIL would support her husband running (you have to know the MIL...piece of work). Friend had to tell me 10K=$10K. Everyone else who read what she wrote, immediately understood it was money. So I guess running is always on my mind. Money isn't.


Julie said...

sounds like quite a weekend! Oh to be young again. :)

Love the post about runner...my x's new wife (who happens to be my former best friend) asked when I first started. Are you running or just jogging? Yea whatever, how about you do either one huh!?!?!?

Carly said...

LOL!! I totally thought your friend's MIL was paying for a 10K race.

Nice job on the running and good luck on the job front.

Ugh....I have gotten to the point where I try to avoid talking to non-runners because of all the crazy comments. So, I have stopped correcting them.

The Enthusiast said...

Oooh, good luck with the interview! Way to start making those plans! (I should really start doing the same.)

Delane said...

LOL at 10K..I need a motherinlaw like that!!!!

Carolina John said...

yea carly's asshat story made me laugh pretty good too. ah, we used to be some of those people.