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Sunday, May 16, 2010

We now Resume from Technical Difficulties

So I was all ready to run yesterday. It was 730am. I was dressed up and out the door.

I parked by Freedom Park intent to do my LSR on the Freedom Parkway Trail. I got out of the car, and turned on the iPod that I had charged before going to bed and before D got on the computer. It was completely dead, as in it wouldn't turn on. I left him a nice text. I next went to turn on the Garmin that I charged before going to bed. Completely dead. I couldn't blame D. WTF? Ok, I can just run the mile markers, except I only know of 3. Whatever, I start running (see start and go to mile 5). I get to the first mile, and I'm ticked off, hot, and wondering if the mile markers are really correct. I decide to turn around. Some guy said while passing me, "And I thought I ran slow." I corrected his grammar. So I got back to the start and got in the car. The only thing the run had accomplished was pissing me off. I tried to be cool about things but as someone who can run anywhere between 12 minute and 17 minute miles, I can't just run without a plan or a Garmin. So pissed off, I went home.

7-Mile Run through Freedom Park and surround

So I came home and took it out on the bushes in the front of our house. We now have stubs. Every single one is chopped, and with no money to replace or fix, we will just continue to be "that" house.

I plugged in the iPod and watched it charge, set it on the table, watched it turn on by itself (which it always does) and turned it off and locked it (now I know how the charge died). I plugged the Garmin into the wall and nothing happened. Plugged it into the computer and nothing happened. You have to be fucking me. What the fuck? So after an hour of even more being pissed off, I looked up Garmin 305 not working. Well, after reading about soft reboots and doing one, it started working.

So ff to today. Back at Freedom Parkway. Just in case nothing worked today, I planned out the run. But everything worked. So I decided to go away from Old 4th Ward (I usually start my run in that direction), and went through the park to get the hills out of the way. Mile 1 was slow but steady. It was 70 degrees and felt a little humid. I got to Ponce de Leon and decided to run toward Decatur. I'm not sure why I deviated from plan but I did. Again deviating, I decided I wanted to run through Lake Claire so up Lakeshore. Could I have picked a hillier (all up) road? I got to McClendon and decided to run back toward Little 5 Points (where Freedom Park is). Except there was a hill in my way. Wait, PATH sign, I'll follow that back to the path. Bad decision. I had to run on sidewalk. Anyway, I got up to Flying Biscuit (a total waste of a restaurant for me, since I'm allergic to turkey and can't be sure if turkey has touched the other food, but the rest of Atlanta seems to adore it), and turned. What was I complaining about hills. This seemed to be up hill. I passed some blue flowers/plant things. I should get some. PATH sign down Clifton Terrace. Huge downhill. I walked down, because my feet kept sliding (after mile 3 on picture).

Again, I SHOULD run back on the path, but instead I ran back to Ponce de Leon. This time I ran toward Virginia Highlands. Except I immediately turned off Ponce. I ran down some street with huge houses and lots of Subarus. I got honked at to run on the sidewalk. Eh. I turned on Oakdale and then finally got back to the path. At my car, I thought about calling it, but I was already so slow, what was another 5 hours going to be? So a quick calculation let me know I had to run 1.2 miles in this direction. I saw a lot of women walking (but not all together). Gathering from shirts, I'm thinking people are training for the Atlanta 3 day or 2 day (we have both). Or they are just getting in shape. But all the women were walking with determination, not socially. I got up to Highland Bakery, went under the tunnel and turned around.

The last 1.2 miles were relatively quick. And I wasn't ticked off.

The dogs got new scarves from the vets' open house. Me and Guinness.

Scuttlebutt in his new scarf


Java Joggers said...

Glad your technical difficulties are history! It's so frustrating when that happens... your dogs as so cute with their new bandanas :)

Julie said...

So did that guy really say that!!!???? How rude!

Such a bummer about the tech difficulties. I forgot to charge my Garmin the other day and almost let it stop me from running. We become pretty dependant on our tech stuff don't we?

Way to go that you went back out and got it done!

Oh and sorry about the bushes. :)

RockStarTri said...

That guy, at best, should be tortured with methods not even invented yet. I hate when technology doesn't work (and i work in technology). Good that it ended with you no longer annoyed.

Lisa said...

I've had loads of problems with my garmin. sometimes it has needed to be reset. now it only charges if I attach it 'just right' to the cradle with rubber bands. blah!

mommie2lea said...

That guy was a jerk. I think you handled it brilliantly.

Love the doggie pics!

SeeGirlRun said...

Your puppies are SO cute..... Love the bandanas.

You're also brave to go "exploring." I got lost once on a run and ending up running twice as far as I wanted to (and really should have) just to find my way home. I was SCARED! At least now I have my iphone but it still makes me nervous if I don't have it planned out before.

The bushes will grow back. Just ask my hub.


Aka Alice said...

I love that you corrected his grammar...what an ass.

I can't run w/o all the technology either. I'm glad you figured out that the 305 needed a reboot.

I love the picture of you and Guinness on the floor. It's a framer :-)