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Monday, November 2, 2009

Well that didn't happen

So I think the last time I wrote (I could just go look), I had not run a 10K and instead drank some beers.

The following week was not for running. The ankle felt fine, but I had friends coming into town on Thursday which meant clean the house. That took from Sunday to Thursday, down to the wire. And then we had beer. We had Guinness to welcome them into town. We had Guinness the next day to see them off to a Fraternity Alumni Social. We had Guinness Saturday morning at the Ramblin' Wreck Parade. Then we had beer (not Guinness) at the Decatur Beer Fest. Yes, I sold my homecoming tickets to have beer. Then we had more beer at 2 bars, and then had more beers at home. So for Oct. 15-18, beer was consumed.

Tuesday (the 20th) I went for a 3 mile run. I ran a little differently...4 minutes run, 1 minute walk. My time was 42ish. It felt good. Except I got home and my hip hurt. #*@(~!
Thursday felt good. So I ran 2 miles 27ish. Saturday, D and I dropped the girls at daycare and off we went to Knoxville for beer... the Knoxville Brewer's Jam. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time. Sunday we drove home and picked up the girls and vegged.

This past week, we didn't run. We did go to 5 Seasons and have some beer, and then went to see the Capitals play the Thrashers. That was fun.

This past Saturday we got up to do Run Like Hell through the cemetery. We picked up A. We stood in line for our numbers and T-shirts. It was misting. We took our T's to the car. It was sprinkling. We walked to the start line. It was raining. We stood at the start line. It downpoured. We got wet. The wind kicked in. So now we were soaked to the bone, our shoes were heavy, and we were cold. D and I wanted to go home. A, being Mom, declared that this was "get sick" weather and yes we could go home. Hooray. So we ran to the car.

I didn't drink much beer this weekend. A migraine prevented that. Tonight we are going lifting.

Tomorrow, no run. We are going to the Left Hand/Terrapin Collaboration Beer Dinner.

Oh and if you have seen my HRM, let me know. I've misplaced it.


Lisa said...

I'm a self-proclaimed weather wimp. I would have balked on a windy rainy cold run race too.

SeeGirlRun said...

Urg! Rain, rain go away! Yesterday and today weren't so bad. Sounds like you should have stayed in for beer that last day too. I can run in warm rain. Not cold rain. I, too, ad a weather wimp!

RockstarTri said...

Realize there is a reason why they call this time of year the "off-season" but also realize that soon it will be the "on-season" and you'll be properly hydrated.

Welcome back!

Danielle said...

Those are all just good carbs to support your running.

Missy said...

I see a theme in here...wait, let me guess, hold on...is it BEER? Mmm, beer, delicious beer! Screw the rain.