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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Weekend Involved Beer but No Run

So Friday, I drove to 4 Seasons and went and got mine and D's T-shirts. D was hit by a fork-lift a few weeks back and has a deep bruise so he knew he wasn't running. Anyway the 4 Seasons valets were nice and let me just leave my car upfront rather than parking. I limped into the place and got my T's.

Then I remembered I had to go to Kroghetto, but also that the dogs needed poop bags. So I went to PetSmart and Whole Foods. By now, I was seriously limping. D and I were on the phone talking about what kind of sausage I was supposed to buy at WF, and he said to walk to the veggies to get basil. I seriously wanted to reach through the phone and smack him. Moreso when I got over there and they were out of basil.

Anyway I told him I was going to go see Clay since at this point I couldn't really go home and walk the dogs...but I could drink a beer while waiting for him to get home. Clay and I talked about his pup Jetta (so cute), and then I left. I did walk the dogs behind the house, and then D got home (after a trip to the beer store). We watched a ton of TV, and drank a ton of beers. And went to bed.

Saturday, the damn ankle still hurt. Dogs Rule Day was spent at home, napping and watching football. And drinking beer. And eating Chili. Georgia Tech's game was delayed but we did watch them beat FSU. And UGA lost! Woohoo!

Sunday D worked so I went to the grocery and to Lowe's to buy light bulbs. Then I watched the Redskins blow a 17-2 lead to the Panthers and really curse Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerato for how much they blow and why no coach in his right mind will coach there with those 2 losers there. D watched more football, and I watched Numb3rs. Very exciting.

Tonight is weight lifting.


GeorgiaSnail said...

LOL, I thought we were the only one's here in Savannah that called it "Kroghetto"...

RockstarTri said...

I'm sure it is frustrating but if rest, ice, beer and chili didn't cure you, you are way beyond my level of medical expertise. I am probably the most impatient on healing but I found that sometimes it, as they say, takes time.

Heal and feel better.


Danielle in Iowa said...

Boo for injuries! (I've been limping around for a month now)

Aka Alice said...

Thank God for beer (I'm just sayin')

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

New to the blog, title is absolutley fabulous (as is the blog) and I'm hooked.