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Friday, November 20, 2009

All over the place

So I'm really all over the place right now.
Work is busy, and homelife is busy.
Why is homelife so busy... Oh because we got a puppy.

After a few signs that Porter was telling us to get a particular dog, we did.

Doggie in the shelter

Well I did, D was in Jacksonville. Of course he called the shelter (not Humane Society) and asked questions of the dog, which the people didn't know. I drove 3 counties over, and saw the dog.
He was cute. They said he was 5. I couldn't get him last Friday even though I was there. They didn't take checks or CC's and I didn't have cash and they were closing.

So Saturday, I went back to the pound and got him. Because I lived out of county, he was $15. If I had lived in county he would have been $75.

Doggie needing help getting in the car and wanting that schmutz off his head

I got home and Guinness was not happy. We are watching another dog for awhile too, Panzer (yes he is a tank...100#s). Panzer and the new pup didn't get along, and new pup marked the entire house. I washed the pup because he had shit matted in his hair.

J came over and we watched Georgia Tech win the Coastal Division of the ACC. Then I took Guinness to see Santa Claus.

Doggie waiting for Uncle J to come over to watch Georgia Tech

Came home and played with everyone. D came home on Sunday.
Doggie showing the family jewels

Monday we named the dog Scuttlebutt (after the brewery not the nautical term). He had some other names during the interim (Smuttynose, Avery, Rogue, WakeNBake) but Scuttlebutt is the best.

Tuesday I had a complete meltdown. D called at 1 to tell me he had to go to Charlotte in 2 hours. I left work to say goodbye to him. When he got home, he had Porter's ashes. We said a few words, and then he was gone (D not Po). So my heart already broken, and I had to take care of 3 dogs for almost a week.

Panzer now can walk on a leash using the Heel comman and go to the bathroom on a leash. Guinness is being the perfect angel. And Scuttlebutt...he can lift his leg on a bush and fall over.

Wednesday I took my $15 dog to the vet (with Guinness who was due for a kennel cough vaccine). Guinness now is protected again (Panzer already was) and she got a flu shot. Who knew. Scuttlebutt got no vaccinations because he has roundworm, an ear infection and kennel cough. Luckily no heartworm. So no vaccinations or neutering. And Scuttlebutt MAY be 1, if that, not 5.

The rest of the week has just been a lot of walks, with Scuttlebutt still not understanding that he has to go outside.

Oh and before you think I gave up running, D, V and I are signed up for the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon.


Anonymous said...


GeorgiaSnail said...

Psssst! The scuttlebutt around here is that you have a huge heart for wayward four legged animals....

Danielle in Iowa said...

Aw, look at those eyes! I wouldn't be able to resist him!

And fittingly, I had my first Scuttlebutt draft last night!

Missy said...

Hell, I want to come back and be adopted into your family. Poor little guy, just needed a hand.

I feel for ya. I've got Kasha's ashes sitting in our book case. I miss her:( Lots. Sweet babies.

Julie said...

Wow what a life you got going on!!!

He is just to, to cute though!

Mel said...

Cute new pup! Sounds like you are busy. I have a 7month old pup at home who doesn't like to go outside so I totally feel your pain on that one.

mommie2lea said...

have been on my mind. (((HUGE HUGS))) for your loss of Porter. It strikes so profoundly, and not everyone understands the depth of grieving that comes with the death of a beloved animal.

And a big welcome to Scuttlebutt. I hope the adjustment is going well!