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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week9 Workout 1 is Done!

So I was looking at the schedule. It seems that week 12 of my training might not get totally completed. Reason is that I'm not sure of the swim. The outdoor pool will be closed due to Labor Day. The indoor pool is an option if they ever open the parking lot back up. I believe the indoor pool is on the most crime-ridden, cop-overlooked street in Atlanta. At any given time, you can drive down the street and watch drug deals go down, see kids holding guns, know what gangs people are in, etc. And this is if you are uninformed about this street. I tend not to go down it that often although it is a major thoroughfare through the city.

Anyway, the parking lot to the indoor pool closed around Memorial Day, and has been closed since. The sign says to park 3 blocks away. Yes, single (as in walking alone) female walking down in crime ridden area doesn't scream, "Rob me, rape me, kill me!" So I think the last week of swims will be forsaken.

But I digress... I'm only in week 9. So D and I met at the outdoor pool. It is now almost completely empty since school is back in session and it doesn't open until 4pm. They were vaccummimg one of the lanes, but had taken the rope that breaks the pool into 25m sections off, so D and I swam next to the lanes.

The first 200m were our warmup. It felt a bit hard, but got somewhat easier.
Then we did 400m. D was ahead of me the entire time. I was so sure I had found something I was better than he was, but I guess not. After 100m of trying to chase him, I decided to swim my own swim. After 400m, I came in under 12 minutes. That is good for me. So I was happy.

The next 400m were simulating open water. This meant swimming with your eyes closed, and looking out of the water every 5th stroke. I think I added an extra 50m to this section because I zig-zagged all over the place. Hit the rope (I was next to one of the lanes), swam way right at one point. By 300m I was exhausted, but kept at it. At 350m, I cheated a little and kicked off the wall. This is very hard to do (the eyes closed thing not kicking off a wall). For one, I hold my breath for the 5 strokes instead of breathe. I did it at the OWS as well. By 300m I was remembering to breathe. I know that, because I smelled BBQ and suddenly got hungry.
So D and I finished that and cooled down for 200m.

Overall it was rather relaxing.

We got home and walked the pups. Someone was grilling. D and I busted out laughing because we both sniffed the gas grill, and went, "Ah, chicken." We never determined what house was grilling. But I think we might eat a bit too much meat that we can determine the meat on the grill without seeing it.

Today's agenda is bike riding.

Time: 6:11 (swim)
Mileage: 200meter (3:05 min/100meters)
Calories: 52
Max HR 139
Avg HR 131
In Zone: 0:00

Time: 11:56 (swim)
Mileage: 400meter (2:59 min/100meters)
Calories: 115
Max HR 153
Avg HR 142
In Zone: 1:21

Time: 13:00 (swim)
Mileage: 400meter (3:15 min/100meters)
Calories: 107
Max HR 140
Avg HR 129
In Zone: 0:00

Time: 6:30 (swim)
Mileage: 200meter (3:15 min/100meters)
Calories: 48
Max HR 128
Avg HR 123
In Zone: 0:00

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Missy said...

NOW that is a skill - meat identification, hahaha! Yeah simulating OWS is hard but it sounds like you got it and some extra mileage to boot. I generally 'add some' distance at every race, for good measure.