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Thursday, August 20, 2009

TRI shorts...

OK, so yesterday was a 45 minute bike ride. I decided to test out my new Skirt Sports Tri Shorts.

Compared to my Shebeest Bike Short the pad is non-existent. I equated it to a panty liner in terms of thickness. So I was quite worried about the effects on a bike seat. Just to be safe, I brought the Sheebest pair to put over them just in case.

First thing...the Shebeest are a board short, so I had the outer part over the Tri short, so people at work wouldn't be offended of me walking around in spandex. (actually it just makes me feel more comfortable). So walking from work to the car, the board shorts were riding all the way up. They will not be worn at the Triathlon.

2nd thing...the Skirt Sports Tri Short run on the big side. Also there is no draw string. So I definitely have to run and swim in these things prior to make sure they stay up.

So I get to the park, and start riding. My legs feel like lead, but my crotch/butt feel fine. Ride, ride, ride. Since school is back in session, the HS CC team is now on the path running all the way across it abreast. They do, however, know "on your left" and none have ipods on, so this didn't have any implications. I rode the first 5 miles without much thought.

The next mile is the first of 2 hills. I can get up this one in my 2-4 gear, so it doesn't cause me much thought anymore, although it is where my HR measures the highest. I crossed the street, and went down the other hill and rode for a little more. Since I was only riding for 45 minutes, I didn't go all the way to my usual turnaround.

On the way back, I had the hill that I did manage to get up last time, but the other 3 times I've tried it, my chain locks up when switching gears. So I have to switch it to 1-3 pretty early and all I'm doing is spinning until I get to that part of the incline. I managed the hill again, but same spinning. D thinks I can get up it in 2-4, and most of it I could. Just the middle part changes to a steeper elevation. It is probably a mind over matter thing.

Anyway, I got up the hill and back to the car.

So, I think I can ride in the shorts for 15 miles. I will do a open water swim and a run on Saturday with them, to make sure they stay up, don't ride up, etc. And test out my Tri Shirt...yes I got one with sleeves.

But I am happy to have found a short that is made for a 5 ft-8in woman who is way heavier than a Clydesdale (and an Athena). My problem with the fit, is that for the waist I was XXL but the hips I was XL. I went with the XXL. Even if I have to buy a smaller size (hooray), I can still use these for tri-bike training. Oh god, I'm already thinking of another.

Time: 46:46 (bike)
Mileage: 8.29 (10.64 MPH)
Calories: 453
Max HR 168
Avg HR 141
In Zone 10:30


Aka Alice said...

Good review on the tri shorts. I always think if the crotch/butt feel fine, then all is good with the world!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Glad those shorts are working for you.

I had a few pair of a low rise tri short by desoto that I really liked b/c my waist size is bigger than my hip size also. they don't make this particualr style anymore though. Gah!

anay said...

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