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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boobs, Glorious Boobs!

Sing in tune with Food, Glorious Food!

This is what I sang over and over while swimming yesterday. Yes, I'm already behind on Week 7. Oh well. So anyway, I went to the pool, wearing what I was pretty sure what I was going to wear for the Tri. My Speedo, one piece (sorry no pic) . I got it last year. It is a little short in the chest area, but at the beach, I noticed it kept me still and no bounce. So all good. So this is what I wore yesterday.

Got to the pool and paid my $4, and got showered and then got in the pool. The first 50m, I felt a little off. Eh. The 2nd 50 m, I got to the wall, and one breast had popped out to the side. Oops. Only 1 guy in the lane so no whoop. The next 100 m my stroke was off every 4th stroke because I was adjusting. Dammit. At 200 m, the suit had moved strategically into the cleavage so one of the DDD's was all out. And yes, it is buoyant. At this point, it started thundering, so we had to get out of the pool. I adjusted and got out, and waited.

So we finally were allowed back in. The guy and I were talking and I apologized for giving him a peep show, he laughed, and we started. I finally figured out how to keep them from falling out of the sides, but then they fell out the top. I really hope I didn't offend anyone. By the time I was done swimming there were 7 people in my lane.

I got home and made dinner. Then Guinness decided she didn't want to stay in the front yard so she escaped. One of my neighbors was kind enough to let me know. Luckily for me, she is getting old. She only ran around like a fool for 30 minutes before she let me catch her.

Time: 7:22 (swim)
Mileage: 200 M (3:41 min/100M)
Calories: 57
Max HR 140
Avg HR 127
In Zone: 0

Time: 45:01 (swim)
Mileage: 1300 M (3:27 min/100M)
Calories: 353
Max HR 137
Avg HR 126
In Zone: 0


Carolina John said...

you gotta find a tri suit or tri tank. they are meant to be worn in the pool, on the bike and run, so you don't need a bathing suit. and no changing clothes in transitions really speed you up.

at least the other guy got a good show!

Viv said...

Al great training has been going on over here! I am so proud of you. With my tri clothes and even my swim suit while swimming with a purpose ;-) I always wore my Enell underneath. It also kept my boobs out of the way which was a big deal for me. My boobs had me stroking wide out. I had one Enell assigned for pool use cause it would not last long with chlorine and one for races. just my tips take as you will.

mommie2lea said...

As I am also on the well-endowed team, I feel your pain! I think you handled it very well, though, because I would have bolted. :-)

TX Runner Mom said...

I found your blog via Viv's blog. At least you kept swimming! LOL! I seem to be at the opposite end of the spectrum in this area, so I'm no help here. :-)