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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week1 of Tri Training in the books!

So Thursday, I was supposed to swim and run. Of course I talked myself out of a run at 530am. Not that it is hard to talk myself out of anything at 530am. So off to work. Friend V and I were chatting and she went on how she was getting up to spin at 530am so she had her nights free (to volunteer for the 180000 things she volunteers for). So I'm sitting there thinking about a beer and now feeling guilty. I didn't feel like swimming, and I had my running clothes with me at work, so off to the Greenway. I ran 4 miles. Then off to Fox Bros to get dinner. I was going to go to Nick's for a gyro but traffic on Thursday was awful (Thursday and rain) so I was 5 minutes late...they were closed. So I *had* to go get BBQ and a beer.

Friday was a 30 minute bike ride. I had no issues...although I still have a death grip on the handle bars. Finished that up and went to Happy Hour with B and got to see an old co-worker James. We had fun. Then realized I didn't want to make dinner. D's work was all crazy, so I went to see Clay and had a gross dinner. But the 2 beers were good. Went home to prep for a big Saturday.

Saturday came. 8am... I talked myself out of a run. Ugh! Got ready and went and got fitted for my bike at Atlanta Cycling. I totally recommend them. Of course that's where I got the bike. So they changed the angle of my handle bars (put something in), and made the seat higher. Then the entire store went and looked at the car to offer opinions on what kind of rack I needed. Apparently that is going to be a pretty penny, because I need a hitch, an extender and the rack. Damn spare tire. It will be at least $400. They got out of Atlanta Cycling for $37. I bought a pump, which David (the salesman) showed me how to use. He also showed me how to put the bike in the car without bending something on them (I forgot the name he said). Again, another person shocked with how small the FJ is. So I got home, and was extremely tired. The pool would have to wait. I made a lasagna, watched TV and read some books. I was bored. D got home from work around 3am and was back there at 6am.

So Sunday, Gdog woke me up. Before I could think about it, I put on my running clothes. Guinness, Porter and I went on a walk. Then we dropped off Po. We started running. My legs felt like lead. I actually had to walk at one point. It was pathetic. We ran all over the 'hood. 2 dogs were out and about. We just kept running, they looked mean. Guinness wasn't interested in them. Later another dog ran with us. Guinness was all about that dog. Luckily, the dog was timid, and ran off. We finally finished.

A said she was going to the pool, so I got myself up to do that. The pool opened at 12. I was ready at 1135. So I mowed the lawn. Then I went to the pool. I didn't see her, J or C (family), so I swam 800m. I finished and they were there so I went over and sat with them. J wasn't feeling well so he left. C and I played in the pool. I am bright red. But I had a lot of fun!

Tuesday 30 min swim- check
Wednesday 60 min bike - only 30 minutes completed
Thursday 45 minute run - check
Thursday 30 minute swim - completed Sunday
Friday bike 30 minute - check
Saturday 45 minute run - completed Sunday


Missy said...

Bet there's a huge difference in your bike after a fitting!?! Now, you gotta let the death grip go, it'll kill your shoulders, weight in your arse and legs;)

mommie2lea said...

Those are some serious workouts... great job! Hope the adjustment makes a huge difference in your riding.

Carly said...

Nice job! I am just catching up with you and I am excited that you are training for a tri!

Tammy said...

Woohoo! Great workouts.