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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 1 Week 2 of Tri Training

So sometimes you just can't do it all.
Monday I got pulled to a new project. In terms of Tri Training, I had nothing planned for Monday night. I did have a date to go to the grocery store.

So I got home and D had dinner in the oven, I was wandering around like a chicken with its head cut off wondering how I was going to fit everything in on Tuesday (40 minute swim, 3 mile run).
I decided I would run on Monday, but decided not to. But maybe after we got back from the store. We got back at 945. Needless to say, I didn't run.

I woke up early on Tuesday, but not to swim or run. I had to go to work early so I could take an appointment to go get the hitch on the truck in Marietta (25 miles from work). So outside at 6AM Porter decides to have some kind of spasm attack that horrifies/scares me. D wasn't there so he didn't see it. He also doesn't know I have had 2 dogs prior that had seizures and were dead within a few hours. So I'm panicking at Porter, and she gets up wags her tail and trots off to the ravine to do her business. I wake up D and tell him, and she appears fine, so he says he'll watch her.

I get to work, and decide after the hitch I will go home and get her and bring her to work. Except the Building Management won't allow it. So I'll just go home and check on her. I go get the hitch, and tell D my plan. He tells me she is fine, and not to worry. Somehow this worked for about an hour. I go to Publix and buy the rest of the groceries as Kroghetto was not selling any fish on Monday (cooler broke...they would sell it on Tuesday...where did the fish go in the meantime, and how long was it in the broken cooler before they noticed)? Got back to work and worked and then decided I was stupid for listening to D about Po. But I still had this project. So I focused on that for 5 more hours. I got home, and was terrified to go upstairs, but I heard the pitter patter of 8 feet, so I knew she was still alive. She was, and happy to see me. Totally normal. Guinness was her crazy self.

D came home as I was finishing making dinner. We finished and he turned on the hockey game. At 830 I went upstairs and put on my running clothes. He did as well. We were either going to the gym or the track (the track if the lights were on). They weren't. We realized we remembered towels for the gym, but not water/Gatorade. It was 81 degrees outside. It was 80 in the gym. Still we got on the dreadmills. Did a warmup.
Started the 5K. Unfortuantely it counted down in KMs and not Miles. So I had to do math to figure out how far I had to go (roughly). By .5 miles, sweat was continously pouring off my head. I did mile 1 in 13:3+ minutes. I don't know what mile 2 was. I was in pure misery because my shirt was drenched. Mile 3 was just a countdown of the dreadmill, and a time game in my head (Don't look at your mileage for 60 seconds...50 seconds left, go on!)
Finally the damn dreadmill stopped. 43:12 Then a 5 minute cooldown.

I got off, and thought I would die. But I didn't. Very dizzy. D and I got home. I'm so glad we have a fridge in the garage (mostly for beer). It also contains gatorade. It was awesome. I didn't even get up the stairs to finish it.

Puppies were glad to see us.
So 1 run in the books, but no swim. Not enough time in the day. Today is a 60 minute bike ride...or how far I can go.

Time: 5:00 (walk)
Mileage: .20 (25:03 min/mile)
Time: 43:12 (run)
Mileage: 3.11 (13:53 min/mile)
Time: 5:00 (walk)
Mileage: .3 km (16:40 min/km)
Calories: 689
Max HR 184
Avg HR 163
In Zone 13:56


Tammy said...

Great job getting the run in the heat! Hmmm... makes you wonder about the freshness of your Kroger's fish, doesn't it?

I hope Porter is OK! I've never had a dog have a seizure, but I can imagine how scary that would be.

Missy said...

Seizure's SUCK! Scare the hell out of you and the dog, just terrible. Hope that all is well with pups!

Get on that bike! Woohoo, biking is the mostest fun part.

AKA Alice said...

I love Missy trying to make biker-chicks out of us...hahahaha

Awesome that you got a run in. I can't stand running in the heat...

Hope Po is OK.

chris mcpeake said...

Running in the heat can really suck. Way to suck it up and get it done

X-Country2 said...

Finding a balance to get it all done is really half the battle. Way to get out there in crappy conditions.

Diario de Elysia said...

Running in the southern heat and humidity is gross. You ar a brave woman!

Girl on Top said...

I love how you call it Kroghetto. :)

Are you doing Peachtree?