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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tri Training has begun...

So today was my first official day of TRI Training.
I was to do 30 minutes of swimming. I talked to my running buddy, A. I was contemplating MLK or GP pool. She said go to GP, because it was 50 yds. I was worried it was going to be crowded. She said they had 2 reserved lanes for laps. So I decided to test it out.

I got there. LOTS of kids. I was worried. I went through the locker room and out. The security guard told me I needed to get out of my street clothes and I needed to shower. OK. This seemed very odd, but I went back and jumped in the shower and walked back out in my bathing suit and a towel.

I got to the pool. One lane was twice the size of the other. It was odd. 3 people were in both lanes. None of them in the big lane were swimming in any sort of order. I let 2 of them come to my side and then started. OMG! At 25 yds, I was wondering where the wall was. I kept going. Finally got to the wall. Rested a minute and started. I did this for the 30 minutes. As I got further into the swim, I had to rest less between laps. But I watched my watch like a hawk.

I'm not sure if I went 700 or 800 yds. I lost track sometime after 400 yds. Tomorrow I get to ride the bike that I don't know how to ride. Get some stock in Band-aids and Peroxide!

Time: 30:32 (swim)
Mileage: 700m (4:21 min/100m)
Calories: 249
Max HR 156
Avg HR 129
In Zone 1:30


AKA Alice said...

OMG girl...a 50 yard pool? That's insane. I can barely do 25...

Good for you for getting out there. I'm gonna try swimming again tomorrow.

Marcy said...

What?! That security guard was jsut weird. What in the hells?!?