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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tri Training Week 3 has come to an end.

Thank God Week 3 training is over. I thought I was going to die. I missed 1 swim workout, and cut my bike workout short by 15 minutes.

So Friday was my 30 minute bike workout. It really was nothing. I got 5 miles in.

Saturday, I dragged D out of bed to run 6 miles. It was 76 degrees at 715. We were trying to decide where to run 6 miles and decided on the Freedom Parkway Trail. I remember looking at this trail on the internet once or twice but not giving it huge thought. We parked at Mile Marker 4. Garmin was dead, so we thought we would just run to MM1 and turn around. So I'm running...it is a decent path, although a lot of incline. Still, it is decent. I get to MM3 a little under 14 minutes. Still running. I get up to Freedom Parkway and BLVD and am beginning to wonder where MM2 is. I'm also seeing the end of the path, so wondering where it turns. I continue running, and look down in the King Center Parking lot. I see D. So I turn down there. He says there is no more MMs. OK. So he takes the keys, and I finish running down to the King Center and start back up.

Because I'm so smart I finally realize why it is called Freedom Parkway, considering both MLK and Jimmy Carter Library are on this thing. But no, I didn't stop to read any of the signs. I start thinking about my Friday bike ride, and how it seems to make my Saturday runs stronger. But I'm also disconcerted with the fact I don't know how long I ran. OK, D had already said to average 16 minutes/mile, so I can live with that. I got to MM3. I contemplate turning around and running bits and pieces between MM3 and MM4 to get in more mileage but decide not. I also noticed how I got this stupid blister. I run clenched fist with my right hand. So I got to MM4 finally around 55 minutes. D is there and of course he drank all the Gatorade. He says he'll go to the car and get me some. I yell I want ice. I continue across Moreland. This part of the trail climbs a windy hill with NO SHADE. Ugh! It is hot. I think about biking this and think I'm not ready. Even if I could climb a hill, too many blind spots, and bikers have already almost run me over. Finally D comes behind me with ice water. Not what I wanted. Oh well. I took a sip and handed off to him. More of this windy uphill shit. Finally downhill. Now I'm on a 5K course. I remembered about the 5K and why we weren't doing it...10am in Atlanta in the summer. Too hot! So I pass a golf course that has its sprinklers on. I contemplate going in them. Surely I should get to MM5 by now. Finally I see it and turn around. I see D about 5 minutes later still carrying my water. Also we are going up hill again. I'm exhausted (D has long stopped running). I drink the water and we talk some. We get to a downhill and I'm off again. Hit another uphill and I walk when I realize D has caught up to me and my "running." Finally we get to the top of the hill, and I tell him I'll run back to MM4. So I do. Then we walk around the block for a cool down. Got home and mapped out the run. Pretty close to 6 miles...5.76.

Sunday, we went to Silver Comet Trail. We started at MM0. Garmin was working. It wasn't a terribly exciting ride. We went out 7.5 miles. We don't like our water bottles. They get too warm. Nathan metal ones. Definitely not a thermos. But we sucked the warm water every few miles. On our way back, at mile 12 I wanted to quit. My legs were tired but I could go. But my shoulder was killing. I am still not holding the handles correctly, obviously. Oh well. We got to mile 14.6 and got water. Then I fell. Not bad and more of I just laid the bike down, then anything else. What happened? Well I stopped Garmin at the Water Break. Then I was coming off the water area, and I looked both ways but somehow didn't see the RollerBladerGirl. So I had to quickly get out of her path. Which I did. But my leg hit my pedal. As I realized I hadn't started Garmin. As I saw a snake slithering in my path (deathly afraid of snakes). All this caused me to panic. Luckily I laid the bike AWAY from the snake. When I got back to the car, D was laughing at me.

Time: 33:21 (bike)
Mileage: 5.08 (9.14 MPH)
Calories: 267
Max HR 150
Avg HR 121
In Zone 0:10

Time: 5:32 (walk)
Mileage: .24 (23:03 min/mile)
Time: 90:09 (run)
Mileage: 5.76 (15:39:48 min/mile)
Time: 6:36 (walk)
Mileage: .26 (25:23 min/mile)
Calories: 1227
Max HR 178
Avg HR 164
In Zone 43:26

Time: 90:53 (bike)
Mileage: 15:03 (9.92 MPH)
Calories: 853
Max HR 152
Avg HR 129
In Zone 7:44


AKA Alice said...

You are just being darn impressive with the biking and running... Wow! 6 miles. Good for you!

I also hate it when I don't know how far/fast I"m running. Whatever did I do before the Garmin (yep, MapMyRun...which I hate now because of all the ads!)

Keep it up. You're doing greatl!

Tammy said...

I agree, very impressive workouts!

I can't believe they have a 5K in Atlanta at 10am in the summer! I was complaining about the upcoming race this weekend because it starts at 8:30am here!

SeeGirlRun said...

Bwah ha ha!!! I can just see it. But at least you didn't (mention) scream like a fool when you saw the snake. I do that with spiders. Makes it hard to be taken seriously. (sigh)


Missy said...

Nice job! I know exactly where you're talking about. I'll be staying with friends in the Kirkwood neighborhood this weekend, yay.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

As much as I hate to say it--Just enjoy the run (I get frustrated when my technology is not working).

Delane said...

wtg...you doing great!