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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Running and Swimming and My Dog is Dumb

So Porter is stupid. Well considering that her nickname is Stupid, this is really no shock. I got home Tuesday and told the pups we were going for 2.5. I still don't have the Garmin charged (perhaps because I don't know where I put it, but it is in a safe place). So off to do the .25 warm-up/poop break. There was a dead leaf coming down the street and it was scraping the street making this noise. So Porter runs up to it, and growls. The wind moves it. She growls at it again, puts her tail between her legs and backs up. The leaf achieved its scariness. Porter the Rott/Chow mix retreats back to me.

So coming back from the common area, Porter and Guinness start barking when we walk past Mushu's house. Mushu (another dog) is peaking through the door. Porter doesn't really know why she is barking and starts looking around. SMACK! Walks right into a tree and falls off the curb. Perhaps I should be making sure she is ok, but I was too busy laughing at her.

So we dropped her off, and Guinness and I do the 1mile loop twice with some extra laps on the common areas to lengthen it to 2.5. Did I measure before going out? No (so who is the stupid one). Also did I talk to D and find out he had taken Guinness running for 2.5 miles at 330 and here I am at 5 taking her out? No. Overall, although slow it was a good run. It was 40 degrees outside, and Guinness was not pulling. We got home and she went upstairs, under the bed and went to sleep. Slept until morning.

Wednesday, I went to the pool. Got there at 615p. Went in, and the guy tells me the pool is open but I can't get in the pool. I am pretty sure my look to him said it all, because then he hands me a schedule and says the pool is reserved by the swim team from 5-7 each evening. I didn't even know our city had a swim team. Anyway, I sit in the car texting people from then until 650. Then I go back inside. I ask the guy about a year pass, but I can't write a check, pay cash or use a credit card. Finally I got out of him that I had to get a money order or a cashier's check. I can see the city trusts its employees very much.

Anyway the pool is much less crowded on Wednesday night than on Sat morning. I had a lane all to myself. I did 1000 m in about the same amount of time I did 800 on Sat. Not bad. I now have to work on not stopping every 25 m.

Time: 14:35 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (58:24 min/mile)
Time: 40:12 (run)
Mileage: 3.4 (16:45 min/mile)
Calories: 507
Max HR 178
Avg HR 151
In Zone 16:48

Time: 35:55 (swim)
Mileage: 1000m (3:35 min/100m)
Calories: 360
Max HR 160
Avg HR 144
In Zone 13:06


SeeGirlRun said...

Sounds like my german shepherd. I asked my neighbor to put Shotz back in the fenced in back yard. She had been sitting on the driveway and the entire family left her there and went to work/school. Neighbor opened gate, Shotz walked through. Neighbor shut gate. Shotz started barking at neighbor like neighbor was stealing bone. Dumb dog. Dog did not bark at thief who stole truck from driveway. Sigh.

mommie2lea said...

You have been getting in some GREAT workouts!

And WTF is this paying by money order or cashiers check only??? Talk about dumb.

LOL on Porter walking into a tree! Great visual. :-)

AKA Alice said...

That was some funny shiz...poor dog. I don't know much about animals, but walking into a tree does sound like something I'd do :-)

Tammy said...

LMAO! Poor poor Porter... It makes for an entertaining run, though.

And, Great improvement on the swim! Woot!

Missy said...

Baaahaaa,hahahaha, yep, love them there dawgs. Sometimes theys not too bright! Mine really likes any kind of stone statue that she can growl and hiss at.

Way to go on the swim! That rocks and the endurance part will come...like everything.

Nitmos said...

I don't know...dog (or person) walks into a tree, they deserve to be laughed at. I believe that is proper protocol.