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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Ran

Well I had a blog and it went away to the far netherworld of my computer cache.

So the alarm yesterday went off at 530. D and I looked at each other and he reset it for 7. We got up and went to work. I have a whole 12 hours this week. Woohoo!

I went and got him goggles. It was a whole thing because Sports Authority had them for $17.99 and $16.99 with the same SKU and you know what they rung up as. This was after I verified with an employee that they would be $16.99. Also I mentioned Dick's had them for $16.99. So off to the cashier, and he had to get the manager who acted like it was the biggest deal. She even said,
"It's only $1." I said, "It is about to be $16.99 less in your till. I'll go to Dick's." I got the goggles for $16.99.

So on the way home, D called and said he wasn't doing Shred because his work was once again FUBAR and he was way ticked off. That was fine.

So I got home, and Guinness, Porter and I went for our .25 mile warmup/poop break. Then Guinness and I dropped Porter at home.

Now I don't know why because the first mile of my 3 mile route is almost identical to the first mile of my 1 mile (or 2 mile) route, but I find it so much easier. So after 1 mile we talked to the German Shepherd. Guinness must have had 5 quarts of water before I got home, because she peed like every 100 ft, or so it seemed. We ran up to the prison. One guy at the convenience store talked to her. She wanted no part of him. We skipped the elementary school hill because it would have kicked my ass. Plus it is on the 4 mile route, not the 3 mile. We ran 3.32 miles. I wanted to go 3.5, but I didn't plan out the run, and Garmin is dead and I keep forgetting to recharge him.

We got home. Guinness drank some water and then went under the bed to sleep (her den). I made dinner; D came home; we ate, and facebooked.

Elevation of my run...

Time: 12:01 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (48:04 min/mile)
Time: 52:55 (run)
Mileage: 3.32 (15:56 min/mile)
Calories: 691
Max HR 179
Avg HR 158
In Zone 23:44