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Friday, November 30, 2012

15 miles? No way!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Once again we went the non-traditional route with Boudin, Chaurice, red beans and rice, ribs, cheesecake stuffed chocolate cake, Reuben dip and Cheesesteak Dip. This was the first time my brother helped make the sausage.  We did an awesome job. 

Chaurice is the dark one. Boudin is the light one
As you noticed, there was no turkey in sight. I am allergic to turkey, so there is never one in our house. My dad did make one "disparaging" remark when we told him about the cake for Christmas..."Why do you all love chocolate so much?"  So I guess I'll have to make 2 cakes for 4 people...haha.

True to form, we didn't run on Thursday morning.  We had talked about it, but I guess it is engrained in our heads not to run on holidays (D and I have rules).  So no run...it couldn't possibly have been the multiple beers Wednesday night.

Saturday was a 15 mile run.  Friday night, I was very nervous.  My new shoes came in.  I decided I would wear them. I prepped them and got them ready.  D was fine with taking money for a drink, so I cut off part of my Camelbak Straw (the part that McMenamin ate) and put D's Camelbak mouth grabby thing in it, and it worked.  Then we went to bed.  Saturday started off shaky as it was 39 degrees and my thermal compression pants were in the laundry.  I had multiple issues but finally got everything together.  D and I both grabbed a Margarita Flavored Clif Block and went on our way.  He ended up running to Clayton County and back.  We didn't know we were "that" close to Clayton County.

I ran out to the prison and up Crack Way and Graffiti Alley.  When I got back to Crack Way, I decided to go check a cemetery that D told me about.  I got to the point where I would have to go downhill and decided to turn around so when I came back I wouldn't have to run back up the hill.  Then back to Crack Way.  

I ran down Hill, and and then down to "Why did I think this road was flat" road.  Still was doing ok.  It was cold and I was out in capri pants and a long sleeve shirt (short sleeve underneath) and my Camelbak.  I had some of the Shot Block. It tasted like Lemon-Lime.  With Blue Gatorade, it tasted like a margarita. 2 guys asked what was in my bag.  They looked disappointed when I said Diet Gatorade.  They were walking to a house party.  Yes at 10am.    I turned around and ran back the other way to the petstore, but turned the opposite way.  Ran a little and turned onto Stadium Street.  I was getting tired now.  I was wondering how I was going to get home. I really didn't want to run back up Hill, but the main street has a bigger hill, so I wasn't sure.  I decided when I had 4 miles to go, I would decide.  I had some more Shot Blocks and continued (Gatorade was continuous, so I don't feel the need to mention that).

While on Stadium I remembered a really flat street so I ran up and down that.  Today's drug deal was a guy put something behind a tire wheel.  He walked up the street and got some money from 2nd guy.  That guy went and got the stuff behind the tire wheel.  And this is in a better part of where I run.  It was right in front of a school.  So I ran out and back of the flat street and to the stadium.  I came back and ran down the flat street again.  I decided I would add a little bit to Hill.  I had 4 miles left.  I forgot I actually had to run up a hill to get to Hill.  Finally got there, and noticed I had now passed a 3rd mailman in a 4 mile block.  Seemed a bit of overkill.  I ran down this part of Hill.  Got back to Stadium Street and went up Hill.  I had 3 miles to go.  Some movers told me to stay strong.  I took a small detour and got back to the pet store and ran back to Hill.  I hit 13.36 and was slower than my first half marathon.  More down hill.  A lady I went by asked if I was ok.  I gave her a thumbs up. 

I really hate this street, is all I thought.  Going the other way, the road doesn't slant, but on this side the road almost falls off.  And there are no sidewalks.  I kept going.  A car slowed down and asked if I needed a ride.  This hill is the longest freaking thing ever.  Keep moving, I thought.  The miles will tick off.  I finally got to the top and another car asked if I needed a ride.  I was able to turn onto Main Road.  It had to be late by now, because the road was full of cars and trucks.  I mostly had to walk because my legs were tired and I didn't have the wherewithall to keep jumping on the crumbled ankle-sprain-inducing sidewalk.  Keep going, I thought.  A man asked if I was ok.  I began wondering how bad I looked.  If you walk it will just take you longer than the 17 minute mile you now completed, I thought.  Finally got to the Prison.  Less than .4 miles away. Distances lessened and finally the Garmin beeped 15!  OMG!  I ran 15 miles.  I never thought I could run 15 miles.  I almost called D to come pick me up.  I was .25 miles from home.  But then I remembered he had just run 15 miles too.  So I crawled home. Yes, it took me over 10 minutes to walk .25 miles. 

But did I tell you that I ran 15 miles?


RockStarTri said...

15. Freakin. Miles.

well done.

Lisa said...

Good job! I don't think I have ever run that far. NOt even once.

Shelley Manning said...

That is extremely Bad Ass!! Congratulations!!

Starunner said...

Awesome!!!!! You're my hero!