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Monday, November 12, 2012

12 Mile Saturday in the Neighborhood

12 Mile Saturday.  Finally a long run with no deadline.  No football game to rush to.  No plans.  Just sleep in and then go run.  I got up at the late time of 7am.  I found my Camelbak and looked at the straw.  Sure enough, McMenamin had eaten it.  No problem.  I'll cut off the chewed part and put D's mouth chewy thing on it and go.  What is wrong with the lid?  Ah McMenamin had somehow chewed that too.  After 35 minutes, a lot of cussing and declaring him the worst dog ever, which then made me burst into tears, I decided that I was just going to have to grab $2 and go to the Shoot 'Em Up Gas Station during the run and get a Gatorade (some Boxer was shot at that gas station a few years ago). 

I got ready, and saw that I only had $1.  It was now 8:10 and I wasn't even going to finish running by noon (not quite but almost).  I yelled at McMenamin that this was all his fault and cried again.  Of course, Scuttlebutt was my darling angel, during all of this.  In fact while I was getting a Clif Bar, he put his head in the drawer and pulled out Clif Blocks that I had gotten free somewhere sometime.  I put them in my belt with my $1 and left. I put my Gatorade on the front step wondering if I was really going to come back and get it and continue running. 

Miles 1-5 were uneventful.  I couldn't go the way I wanted because the train was stopped on the tracks.  So I went down what I now call Crack Alley.  (Shoot 'Em Up Gas Station connects Crack Alley and Graffiti Way).  One man told me I needed to sweat more, and 2 men told me to "Work it. That'll get the weight off."  I probably should be offended, but what are they saying that isn't true.  And hell, if it makes them go, "I saw that fat woman running, I probably can walk .5 miles," more health to them.  I had one of the gummy Clif things at Mile 4.

So I finished the out and back and decided to head toward Turner Field, but I really wasn't feeling it.  I got to Hank Aaron, but I could tell I was getting thirsty.  I decided to go to the pet store, because I was pretty sure I remembered them selling water at Free Beer Night.  I got there and sure enough $1 with tax included. 
I ran back up Hill and then had to figure things out.  I was at Mile 8.  I had 2 more Clif things.  I finished the water.  I decided I would run some flat streets and hopefully hit at least Mile 11.  The sun was getting hot and traffic had picked up.  I was running down a street I always run and wondered why I never ran the whole street.  So I did.  Then I saw D's favorite street.  Being the kid that I am, I giggled when I saw it.

Yes, I laughed when I saw the name.

I ran back down Prison RD to the railroad tracks.  A different train was now stopped there.  It hadn't moved since I turned down Prison RD.  A car pulled up to the tracks as I was turning around.  I let him know that the train hadn't moved.  So he turned around. Then he let the next car know.  And then that car let the next car know.  It was funny to hear, "The runner said the train was there when she started down the road," repeatedly.

I ran up Mosque RD.  When I was running back, I stopped to finish my Clif thing.  I wasn't completely paying attention and then this chicken crossed infront of me on the road.  It made me laugh. 

It had to get to the other side

I ran passed the "Lady with No Pants" Gas Station. She now wears pants.  She asked how my dogs were.  Then I did a quick loop through the neighborhood to finish up the 12 miles. 

I did complete it and under 3 hours. I don't think I have ever run 12 miles in the 'hood before.  Now I have.  I was so happy to see my Gatorade on the front porch.  It was done before I even got inside the house.  Later in the day I had a beer.  Why? Because the soda was in the basement and stairs were not on my agenda.  D brought home a pizza after he got off work, because neither of us wanted to make dinner. 

I still have work to do, because I'm getting in a "finished" mode at mile 7.  But it is coming.

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RockStarTri said...

I get in a finished mode at about 200 yards. Good job!