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Monday, October 8, 2012

Slowly Coming Back

I kind of took a hiatus from blogging, because I took a hiatus from running.  It started with a really bad race.  Not in terms of my time...but it was the 34th Something 10K in June.  And they ran out of water, in Georgia, in June.  OK, so I'm very thirsty, and D and I go to get T-shirts and they didn't have those either.  It killed everything.  And we had to walk a mile back to the car.  So Quik-Trip was my saving grace that day.  Having race people practice 34 times and get it wrong is just argh...but I know I'll be there for the 35th because I was 2 seconds off a PR, D got a PR, so there you go.  I'll just continue to bitch about it.

Then we fostered a beautiful girl Elsa from the county pound.  I didn't really like the pound vet, and I thought that  Elsa needed a really special family and that should be us.  I couldn't imagine never seeing her again.  So we adopted her.  Yes, first time out and I was a foster failure.  But seriously, look at her.

Photo by Eve Sadler

Then my dad informed me he had been sick.  He is fine now, but let's just say don't email potentially life altering news to people, and not understand why they may get upset.

A bunch of other little stuff, and basically my summer was spent drinking and caring for dogs.

Then running bud A and her husband J decided they really liked Elsa. And Elsa is HW+ with a 2 year old maniac (McMenamin) in the house.  After a lot of soul searching, tears, and tough decisions, we knew Elsa would have a better life with A and J. Plus they live down the street so we get to see her.  Plus they use the same vet that we do.  Basically everything I wanted in an adopter for her came in the form of A and J.  And they love her to pieces (as does their 8 year old daughter).  So we are back to 2 dogs, Scuttlebutt and McMenamin.

With a date of 10/8 looming as a start date for training.  In August I managed to get my shoes on twice to run.  I think in September I got them on 6 times.  So far in October, I have gotten them on 4 times for 20 miles.  I bought a Spibelt to motivate myself.  I'm going to have to look at my Camelbak. I know for a 10K, I can't rely on others, so I certainly can't do it for 26.2 miles.  

I'll give a review of my Spibelt soon.  I think it will work.  


Lisa said...

I usually take a blogging hiatus when I stop running also. Glad to see you back!

RockStarTri said...

welcome back

Amanda Richter Goddard said...

Definitely a rough go! Glad your back and seeing some positives!